Vail Daily column: Had it with these ‘leaders’ |

Vail Daily column: Had it with these ‘leaders’

It has been some time since the last editorial came from this computer, and there has been a lot happening since then. It’s difficult to know where to start.

Starting at the top, here are some observations about our president.

First, where is the leadership? It appears not to exist.

Second, how can Obama even raise the question or consider that global warming is more important than what is happening in the Middle East, specifically when it comes to national security?

Third, this president has made so many mistakes. So far, it is difficult to believe he really has the best interests of the country in mind. He must have a list of shockers close at hand so he can come up with something new to divert the press from dwelling upon his last screw-up.

It is hard to believe he is the president of United Stats and not just some junkie trying to build a legacy for himself. He’s building a legacy, all right. That is that he’s the worst president the people have ever had in the history of the United States, including Jimmy Carter and Andrew Johnson (Lincoln’s vice president). Look up all the party affiliations of these three presidents.

Fourth, our president made some interesting promises. One was to change the nation. The part he left out was he intended to destroy the United States. Abe Lincoln said our demise would not come from an enemy crossing the ocean and making footprints on the Blue Ridge or taking a drink from the Ohio. No, he said, our enemy shall come from within.

Our enemy has truly has come from within, and we elected him. We have met the enemy and it is us. Our president is trying so hard to create his legacy by getting a contract with our other enemy, Iran, that he is either naive, stubborn or too stupid not to see the danger in which he has put us.

Let’s look further into the future. The Democrats appear to be moving in the direction of anointing Mrs. Clinton as their candidate for president.

They should be looking for a candidate who is not a devious, dishonest liar. I think Mrs. Clinton should be in jail, not running as a presidential candidate for the once-most powerful and respected nation in the world.

First, let’s look at examples of each description mentioned above. Benghazi is a subject about which she knows all the answers. We will probably never know about the death of four brave Americans until she is either not elected or she leaves office. Then she will write another book and collect an $8 million advance (unless it is as unsuccessful as he last one).

Second, she is the only Secretary Of State to have had her own server controlling her emails. That gives her an opportunity to clean out the embarrassing ones. This, alone, is a criminal offense.

All she accomplished as Secretary of State was collecting a pile of frequent-flier miles, as well as the “conflict of interest” foundation bribes for her husband’s travel habit to make exorbitant fees speaking to Arab leaders. My real question is how do you get a tax exemption by giving away only 10 percent of a foundation’s benefits while using it for trips costing millions of dollars?

Third, I believe Mrs. Clinton is a liar. I think she lied about what happened at Benghazi, and lied about the amounts donated by foreign governments to the Clinton Foundation. I think she lied about the timing of the receipts, lied about the amount of money reported to the IRS, lied about the emails and the use of the server and the number of emails she destroyed and when and lied about receiving emails from Sidney Blumenthal.

I think she lied about being broke when they left the White House as they deposited a multimillion dollar check, the advance for her book. Bill Clinton was scheduled for many lucrative speeches. They were far from broke.

Basically, do we need another liar in the White House? The current administration has not been a model of transparency and what has that given us? Political division like we haven’t seen for years.

Fourth, she refused to answer questions about anything. How does the media put up with this silence? It must be the media’s love affair with the Clintons. Recently, when Mrs. Clinton offered an interview to most major media sources, she excluded Fox New. As a result, they joined together and refused her offer until she included Fox. That deserves an attaboy for the media.

Frankly, that’s enough for this editorial and makes a person sick and to begin to lose faith in our entire system.

Dick Gustafson was a two-term Eagle County commissioner.

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