Vail Daily column: Has the world turned upside down? |

Vail Daily column: Has the world turned upside down?

Can anyone tell me what is happening to the American dream? Let me propose the following scenario.

Of the young people who are graduating from college or have already graduated, ages 18-24, there is an unemployment rate of 18.5 percent (U.S. Department of Labor statistics). The unemployment for college grads in the same age group, according to Fox News, is 9.7 percent. These figures do not include college grads that have given up and dropped out of the job market. My research includes all employable graduates, including diversity groups. It is assumed that blacks and Hispanics have unemployment rates much higher than Caucasians.

Those who are being employed today are offered salaries substantially below salaries offered just four years ago for the same work.

Add these two factors to the demands of Obamacare, for the young to supply the funding to cover those who have prior uninsurable ailments and the aged, who have to face the constant increasing costs of education and paying off huge student loans and there is nothing left for these young adults to purchase a home, now or maybe ever, thus possibly destroying any chance for them to obtain the American dream.


The overwhelming philosophy of parents, for years, was they would work hard, often working more than one job, so their children would have a better life than theirs had been. With the economic conditions, the lack of good jobs, the new regulations (many unchallenged unconstitutional executive orders) and the apparent goal of redistribution of wealth, the result is that the United States has turned upside down under our current president’s “leadership.” Certainly our international acclaim has.

The above is partly responsible for the increase of the polls shifting slightly in the favor of the Republicans.

What are the other reasons? The multitude of scandals attributed to the lack of leadership by Obama and a series of lies Obama told to the public about Obamacare has seriously eroded the confidence in the president. An interesting recent poll showed that Obama would never have been re-elected had the truth come out before the election.

As an interesting aside, the more facts that are slowly coming out about the events of Benghazi, the more the finger is being pointed at Hillary Clinton. That event, if it is proven that her involvement was to issue the order for the military to stand down, will seal her fate for her attempt to run for the presidency, and maybe even kill the nomination.

Whether Obama was involved is still unclear. He did leave Washington rather quickly the next morning. Maybe it was because he wanted to be as far away from the scandal as possible? If so, that should surely secure the election of a Republican Senate and House in 2014.

When the enemy is committing suicide by circular firing squad, Republicans, be careful not to step into the center.

Dick Gustafson is a former Eagle County commissioner.

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