Vail Daily column: Hits and Misses |

Vail Daily column: Hits and Misses

the Vail Daily Editorial Board

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

HIT: To Christmas! The eve tonight and the day and weekend to follow. There’s no better place on Earth to spend it than right here. May yours be blessed.

HIT: To more recharging stations in the valley for electric cars, a dozen now.

HIT: To Vail registering homeowners who run businesses renting rooms on online sites such as airbnb and VRBO. Business licensing, certifying and taxing these businesses is entirely appropriate.

HIT: To growth in the Burton U.S. Open Championships in Vail.

HIT: To getting college courses knocked off while still in high school. This is a huge jump for kids sharp enough and serious enough to take advantage of the opportunity.

HIT: To moms, always. They have the holiest of work, and the hardest.

HIT: To Vail Resorts’ commitment to giving back to its communities. Yes, the big dog in most of these towns runs with higher expectations from the citizenry than sometimes can be met. We forget today’s corporation is the top in its line and does far more than others to help build its communities as well as its business than others are willing or able to do. And yes, there are plenty of bones to pick, nits to gnaw on. But we should know when a hearty thank you is in order.

MISS: To the whole biomess plant episode in Gypsum. What a disaster. A little fire a year ago seems like about the least of the sparks that have turned a feel-good, green-ish electric plant and forest cleaner into a nightmare all around. The builder and operator are suing each other, and now the town is suing the operator for breaking promises and operating without a certificate of occupancy. Why the town let them ignore that little detail at the beginning is a bit of mystery. Would that have helped avoid all this mass of mess? Doubtful. This looks like a dirtier business than anyone imagined while the politicians were touting the plant.

HIT: To family Christmas traditions and habits in all their variety and glory.

HIT: To the community response when the truck towing the trailer with 100 rescue dogs in it slid off Interstate 70 while crossing Vail Pass. Eagle County officials set up the Eagle River Center at the fairgrounds for the animals and volunteers came out of the woodwork to care for the animals. Some even found new homes here.

HIT: To a Star Wars legacy for another generation.

MISS: To paying any attention whatsoever to the presidential races before the primaries happen. This should be a hard, fast rule for life.

HIT: To Karen Sheaffer, retiring as Eagle County treasurer after nearly 30 years with the county, much of it running the office extremely well. She sailed through six elections for office, none with opposition. How do you argue with someone so good? All she did was her job, well enough to pile up awards for her office’s work.

HIT: To fifth-graders with stock expertise good enough to beat the market.

HIT: To a full house of visitors, despite lower projections from a few weeks ago. Amazing what a few storms can do.

HIT: To Vail opening the whole mountain right on schedule, with the last of the lifts opening today.

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