Vail Daily column: It’s still not our fight |

Vail Daily column: It’s still not our fight

Richard Carnes
My View

A year after they “came out of nowhere,” ISIS is still little more than another reason for the conservative paranoid to stock up on freeze-dried food and stuff the ol’ bomb shelter with water, ammo and fresh batteries.


If you want to run circles around the room like Lindsey Graham being chased by the ghost of a gay Hitler, then by all means feel free, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us have to pay attention to your obsessed antics, nor does it mean public policy has to be adjusted in any way to directly address your fanatical fears.

It also does not mean a single American soldier must die in order for you to sleep better tonight.

Why do we feign such fear at the latest boogeyman’s so-called “sophisticated use of social media” when what these religious nutcases actually do is no more sophisticated than what a 12 year old with a GoPro can accomplish on Facebook?

And seriously, using Twitter to make a political statement is groundbreaking?

Come on, is it really because of the horrific executions?

These are nothing new, nothing we haven’t seen before, so why are we suddenly so shocked by the act?

In fact, Saudi Arabia (our cherished, hand-holding allies that George Bush so happily tiptoed through the tulips with) still performs executions in public, and they have done so 90 times in 2015.

Forty-one of them were for non-violent drug offenses.

The Saudis obviously don’t hide this fact, as they seem to believe it is a deterrent to crime, including the crime of not believing the same religious claptrap that they do. They are one of four countries to still carry out public executions, along with such noticeable nice guys as Iran, North Korea and Somalia.

So why do we turn a blind-eye to these atrocious techniques when one of our supposed allies uses the same methods?

Face it, the entire Middle East is awash in corruption, hatred, religious bigotry and regional warlords that continue to disallow millions to evolve beyond their simple-minded collection of feudal states. There is absolutely no purpose in sacrificing a single American life to claim defeat of any group which will simply reappear with a different name the moment we leave.

Last June, the ISIS social media geniuses demanded we simply refer to them as IS (Islamic State), as if we would immediately comply.

Hell, even Bill Clinton had trouble defining that particular word.

Either way, their goal is not to get us out of the Middle East, but to force us to submit to their particular version of supernatural beliefs, just like every other religious cult in history with more than a few hundred followers and close governmental ties.

And when that doesn’t work, they’ll continue threatening to kill us until their numbers dwindle to Tea Party levels, at which point we’ll go back to ignoring them.

The whole “fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here” mantra was passe the day after it was uttered and will only continue to fuel the fire they so desperately desire to keep burning as long as the civilized world keeps fanning their fanatical flames.

The U.S. military has no realistic strategy because there is no realistic end game for the region, except for the religion-based fatalists who waste their entire lives in anticipation of a glorious death, whatever that actually means.

All we really have to do is sit back and watch the long-awaited Sunni vs. Shiite death match.

No dead Americans required.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, can be reached at

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