Vail Daily column: Join us Thursday to discuss KAABOO-Vail |

Vail Daily column: Join us Thursday to discuss KAABOO-Vail

As part of our mission to elevate the arts, athletics, and education in the Vail Valley, the Vail Valley Foundation is proposing a new concept for a music, art, culinary and cultural event called KAABOO-Vail Aug. 18-20 2017.

As we move further into the public comment period for this event, we want to ensure that everyone understands its true nature, its size, and the type of audience it attracts.

For many years now, the public has been part of the planning process for Vail’s future. The Commission on Special Events submitted a 2013 plan that outlines the town’s desire for certain types of events of interest to the town, when they should happen, and what kind of clientele they should attract.

KAABOO-Vail scores very high against those guidelines and criteria and aligns well with the Vail identity. In bringing forth our detailed plans for this event, we believe we are closely matching the expressed desires of the town of Vail, and providing an exciting opportunity for the valley as a whole.

A few key points:

• KAABOO-Vail will attract 25-65-year-olds but the median age will be 37-39. This consumer, similar to the demographic that attend KAABOO-Del Mar, is affluent (average household income of $100,000-plus), professional, discerning, active lifestyle, with 56 percent women, 44 percent men.

• Plans for protecting the turf have been developed with input from Vail Recreation District officials as well as a highly experienced third-party turf consultant. The system has been used throughout the country, including Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, with great success in many different weather and climate conditions (including heavy rainfall, drought, etc.).

• As with the many events the Vail Valley Foundation has organized in our 34 years, we understand that parking, lodging and transportation plans must meet our valley’s size and scope. We are confident that we can accommodate needs in this area.

• The proposed dates for KAABOO-Vail are the softest summer weekend for lodging.

Public comment was received at recent Vail Recreation District board meeting and Vail Town Council meeting. The council heard strong support for the event from Vail business owners, leaders and citizens, as well as questions and concerns.

We are aware of these concerns and are strongly committed to communicating our plans for ensuring that this event meets the high standards of Vail, our valley, and our organization. If approved, we are dedicated to working closely with all interested parties to create a positive outcome for this event.

The Vail Valley Foundation is hosting two opportunities to learn more about KAABOO-Vail, share public input and engage in a productive Q and A. There will be two sessions at the Grand View Room in Lionshead Thursday: Session 1 will be from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and Session 2 will be from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Additional Vail Valley Foundation-hosted Town Hall public forums will be scheduled after Thursday up to July 19. The town of Vail will also schedule public comment opportunities at each of its scheduled Town Council meetings starting with May 17 through July 19.

Many questions have been raised — not all can be answered in this space, or with the level of detail that we may wish. Please visit, contact us at, or come to our public sessions Thursday. We encourage everyone to learn more about the event, and communicate your concerns or support to the Vail community and to ourselves.

Mike Imhof is president and CEO of the Vail Valley Foundation.

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