Vail Daily column: Keep election season truthful, respectful |

Vail Daily column: Keep election season truthful, respectful

Kaye Ferry
Valley Voices

With the primaries behind us, we now enter into the off-year election season.

I am thrilled with the Republican slate we have in place and I’m sure the Democrats feel the same way about their choices. We have both spent a great deal of time and energy working through a long and complicated process to arrive at this point. We have listened to our constituents and the choices they have made to represent our respective parties in the November election.

So now the battle begins. Who will present the best case on the issues? Who will inspire? Who will motivate? These are all valid considerations in determining which candidates will prevail. And they should be presented in a logical, understandable and factual way.

But already we are being exposed to things that should not matter, that should not occur and, above all, misrepresent our candidates and the issues. While negative campaign practices are never acceptable, they are particularly egregious in small communities because when the dust settles and the voters have made their choices, we still have to live with each other. We still have to go to the same supermarkets, cash checks at the same banks, listen to concerts in the same amphitheater and send our kids to the same schools. Well, you get my drift. This community, to be specific, is too small to deal with the aftermath of negative slams and innuendos.

My reason for writing this is to make the community aware of the fact that one of our candidates has been demeaned through a series of negative telephone “surveys.” Some group has been calling purportedly to gather voter information. But after a few innocuous questions, the caller settles in to the purpose of the call, which is to plant misinformation.

I would urge everyone to beware of such calls. Be suspicious of information that is conveyed in such a manner. Pay attention to the sponsors, whether by phone or in print.

And above all, get educated by attending meetings and visiting candidates’ websites. Republican candidates information can be accessed through and by clicking on 2014 Republican candidates.

As chair of Eagle County Republicans, I am writing on behalf of our executive committee and our candidates to request that we all strive to present our cases in such a way as to represent the facts in a respectful way and to avoid slanderous and inaccurate information. Taking things out of context, twisting the facts and outright misinformation should never be a part of the dialogue during the election cycle.

Eagle County Republicans pledge to campaign in a respectful way, using the truth as our only method of presenting our case. We hope that our lead will be followed by everyone else running for office.

The Executive Committee is John Rosenfeld, Max Schmidt, Melissa Kellogg-Lueck, Jennifer Woolley, Glenn Davis and Katherine Paison-Senn.

Republican candidates are Don Suppes, Chuck McConnell, Courtney Holm, Dick Mayne, Karen Shaeffer, James Van Beek, Sue Franciose and Ted Archibeque.

Kaye Ferry is chairwoman of the Eagle County Republicans.

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