Vail Daily column: Misled on both sides |

Vail Daily column: Misled on both sides

Pat Mitchell
Valley Voices

Before casting your abstract vote after GOP debates and rhetorical Clintonesque campaign-speak, I would urge you to consider the history during the past 6.5 years of administration policy toward migrants from Mexico. I use the term “migrants” given the moniker Europe gives in the media toward these poor families from Syria, and the parallels to Mexico.

Contradiction abounds on both sides of the political aisle, depending on popular media sentiment in blue or red territories. Constituents are misled on both sides. Ruben Navarrette from The Washington Post claims that Democrats campaign by portraying themselves as immigrants’ best friend; once in office, they build walls (see: Hungary), militarize the border and deport people in record numbers (over 400,000 deported in 2014, a record). The GOP campaign against “amnesty” praising law and order — once in office, they create enforcement loopholes, refusing to crack down on employers.

It is difficult to separate one from the other nowadays: Donald Trump’s tough immigration policy vs. phony outrage by the left over Trump’s threats to deport millions and divide families. For seven years these groups had little to say when President Obama did just that.

The same liberal left who made excuses for Obama’s actions (likely consummated for politics’ sake) now support Hillary Clinton; the same woman who was deeply troubled by Trump’s harsh tones toward immigrants — an issue she uses as a club to pummel Republicans. Recently interviewed, Clinton said to the following media:

• New York Radio Show in 2003: “I am adamantly against illegal immigrants.”

• New York Daily News in 2006: “A country that cannot control its borders is failing fundamental obligations.”

• CNN summer 2014: “Children of Central Americans coming across our border should be sent back.”

Given that Mrs. Clinton’s platform claims to favor womens’ rights and family health, these poor children she speaks of in 2014 have mothers, and the little girls will be mothers someday. This is one of the contradictions I speak of (see Planned Parenthood debate). The GOP gets no hall pass, either. Moving 11 million illegals back to Mexico in two years, a “Trump dump,” only ensures more sophisticated re-entry efforts — survival instincts will prevail.

The wall: Its evolution, or re-evolution from an improvement perspective, may achieve bi-partisan goals in the short-term. Hardship and drug cartels, however, appear to be there to stay as part of the fabric of the Mexican state. Dark politicians appear to be wed to them, and murky, corporate gangsters exist in all countries, like Syria, although harassed more in the first world (they tell us). The detritus, victims of both historically Spanish political and family hierarchies, seek an alternative. Life in Mexico discourages success, encourages large families and dependency, as the left does here. Votes and corruption are assured this way.

Margaret Thatcher once said, “Socialism doesn’t work. Eventually it runs out of other people’s money.”

Pat Mitchell lives in Edwards.

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