Vail Daily column: Obama’s leadership failures piling up |

Vail Daily column: Obama’s leadership failures piling up

Dick Gustafson
Valley Voices

For the past few months the writer of this article has been preoccupied with a time-consuming project instead of paying attention to what was going on in Washington. It was a peaceful sabbatical from government chaos.

I felt a little like the ostrich. The ostrich sticks his head into the sand when attempting to avoid a threat. It is a peaceful and serene place. The main problem is that the ostrich has his behind exposed to being kicked by some unscrupulous trickster or even a president of the United States of America.

Aren’t they the same person? Oops. Is that a Freudian slip? If that’s the case, the news is the “kick,” and the tricky President is the kicker. What do the following “kicks” have in common?

• The justice department scandal “Fast and Furious” — the justice department approved and then ignored the gun-running program into Mexico. Also, the justice department’s felonious attack on Mike Rosin, a Fox News reporter.

• Card check — the union’s proposal to usurp the secret ballot for individuals when voting whether or not to join the union’s membership.

• Benghazi — the terrorist attack on the American embassy and the death our ambassador and three Americans.

• The National Security Agency — the scandal regarding citizens rights to privacy. Also, tapping telephones of foreign government leaders.

• The Federal Bureau of Investigation scandal — cheating on entrance exams.

• Internal Revenue Service scandal attacking tea party membership.

• The Obamacare computer-failure debacle that wasted more than $300 million. It may require starting again with expensive “A” team group, spending more taxpayers’ money.

• The scandal in the State Department involving drunk parties by agents (which also was apparently involved in the Rosen event).

• Alleged conflict of interest — Michele Obama and the CEO of the computer company for Obamacare’s computer problems were former friends and associates in black associations. (There were no competitive bids requested.)

In each of the above, our president claimed to “know nothing” in advance about all events or programs. He claims that TV was his source of information.

In the case of Obamacare, the president knowingly lied about keeping your doctor and insurance. (A 2010 memo informed Obama that was not be the case. The opposite is the truth.)

In all cases, the president placed the blame for problems or lack of follow through on someone else.

In each case, the president expressed outrage (except for card check) and that each person responsible will be punished.

In each case, the president has broken his promise and not one person has been punished, publicly reprimanded or been fired (except for those who were reassigned with no pay cuts).

In each case, there is a complete lack of follow-up, attention to details and leadership.

In each case, there has been no closure, nor truthfulness, given by most witnesses in Congressional oversight hearings.

In all important cases, Obama sticks his head in the sand and either refuses to negotiate or reveals he doesn’t know how to negotiate.

And now our president is “a TV pitch man” for Obamacare.

The most severe offense of all is that nothing has been done on any of the above during my mental absence. Personally, I feel I have not been helping to challenging Obama for his lack of leadership and his dishonesty. However, I underestimated just how deceptive Obama is, plus how totally self-serving and corrupt he is.

It seems that each day there are more and more “unknown” lack of leadership examples. I have been preoccupied and deserve every reprimand for not following up on those items described above, thus abdicating my responsibility as a political commentator. However, the longer I waited, the longer the list became. I ignored the problems because I was enjoying the peace and quiet of having my head in the sand of other projects. What’s your excuse?

Dick Gustafson is a former Eagle County commissioner.

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