Vail Daily column: Our common thread |

Vail Daily column: Our common thread

Greg Ziccardi
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Greg Ziccardi

There’s a phenomena occurring around this country, and the majority of us have been consumed by the interest it has sparked. We truly believe we have a stake in this (but it’s probably the furthest thing from the truth).

It’s not an Obama anything. It’s not about legalized marijuana or the people that smoke it, and it has nothing to do with the latest global cooling statistics.

The ages vary from the youngest of children to the eldest of adult. Male and female, this motif sucks you in and won’t let go.

I refer to the entertainers employed by the National Football League and the amusement they provide for us during this playoff season.

As long as I can remember, I have waited for this time of year to be a little less productive on one hand and a lot more enthusiastic on the other. Dependent upon where you hail from of course, the enthusiasm can vary. If your football players have managed to elevate themselves to the next level and represent your “region” in the playoffs, then you are understandably more rabid than the fan in Cleveland.

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Again this year, we are represented in the loser-goes-home elimination procedure. The loyalist fans of the Broncos welcomes all that are coming out of the closet and will be joining us on this glorious ride. We have doubled in numbers in recent weeks because of our success. (And it is our success, not just theirs. We own this team. They work for us on Sunday.)

One of the most important and awe-inspiring consequences of the playoffs (and American football in general) is the way we bond. There have been several times in history that our country and its patriots have risen up and chanted or performed in unity and as one. The bombing of Pearl Harbor comes to mind as does 9/11. And let’s not forget marching to the polls and voting against George McGovern. I feel the same type of patriotism for my Broncos. As do those misguided New England Brady fans and those ninth district 49ers. Let’s not forget the elementary school graduates of Philadelphia or the rain soaked Seattle faithful. We all are free to exercise our allegiance to one of the few things left that everybody agrees about.

We come together this time of year as one in our community. It is a beautiful thing. Our mutual love for the team we dedicate ourselves to is without complication. We don’t worry if the poor aren’t represented equally or if the rich are getting off again. It has nothing to do with race or religious affiliation. Gays and lesbians love our team as much as the homophobes. We are collectively neutral with one thing that acts as the fabric that binds us and forever makes us one. It’s our team.

The problem we have this time of year is where to have the weekend meeting (party), what to bring to the meeting, who is invited to the meeting and so on. These are problems we welcome, and it’s a wonderful problem to have.

So reach out to your fellow owners as we march on to Groundhog Day (Super Bowl Sunday). Let the kid come out of you and give it everything you got. Don’t be afraid to hug a ’boarder in the bar. Kiss a stranger; it’s accepted behavior. If you fall over a coffee table after a score, don’t worry about it. Just re-fill their drinks and pick up the chips during commercial.

These are great weeks ahead of us. Enjoy the ride. Go Broncs.

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