Vail Daily column: Planning a complete community of care |

Vail Daily column: Planning a complete community of care

Topper Hagerman
Valley Voices

What comes to mind when you think about Eagle County? Many tend to think of our community — and more specifically, the Vail Valley — as a destination resort, but that perception has changed since I arrived here in 1990. More and more people fall in love with the mountains and want to live here permanently. I think that’s a good thing — but we must now offer people something that allows them to stay.

Eagle County offers remarkable opportunities to live a well balanced life that includes hiking, biking, fishing, skiing and numerous other physical activities. We also have a thriving cultural community that celebrates the creativity of local residents. People here are in tune with nature and understand how mind, body and spirit are connected to health and wellness.

That’s what comes to mind for me when I think about Eagle County. It is a place where health and wellness are the foundation of our economy, because residents live full, active lives. Yet too many cannot stay when they grow older or need more extensive care, because no care communities exist yet.

Castle Peak Senior Care Community is bringing us closer to making our community whole. If your grandfather is dealing with Alzheimer’s or your mother needs a place to recover after an illness or injury, then Castle Peak will give them the ability to stay in Eagle County. Assisted living options at the care community will allow those who need help with tasks such as bathing, dressing, medication and more to help maintain their independence. Skilled nursing will help those in need of more comprehensive care.

Without the care that Castle Peak Senior Care Community will provide, Eagle County will be a place where health and wellness is a privilege to be enjoyed by some, but not all. Yet, I’m sure you agree everyone should have access to the care and services they need, regardless of age or circumstances.

I’m sure you also agree that Eagle County has excellent medical care, including hospitals with outstanding medical groups and a vast variety of specialists. Adding extended care that provides daily assistance to older adults and people who need rehabilitation will only enhance what we can offer — and make our county an ever better choice for permanent residents.

What I am looking forward to most when Castle Peak Senior Care Community is ready is seeing friends and neighbors sell their homes and stay in the community. I won’t miss seeing them pack up their belongings and move to Denver or elsewhere, leaving only memories behind. I feel truly blessed to live in Eagle County right now, when we are on the cusp of adding a new dimension to our community that will make our lives easier and our families stronger.

I know you’ve seen other columns mentioning a capital campaign to support our new care community. While I’m pleased to note our campaign goal has been achieved and $4,438,000 has been raised to date, additional contributions are still needed to enhance the overall quality of the living experience for Castle Peak residents. You may also purchase an engraved paver at To donate, visit our website or call 970-445-8990.

Your donation not only means those you love will be able to stay here; it means there will be a place for you when you need it and for future generations. In addition, the Castle Peak Senior Care Community will make health and wellness an integral part of life here. Nothing else will make our community whole.

Topper Hagerman has lived in the Vail Valley since 1990. He has been in the health care business for more than 30 years.

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