Vail Daily column: Questions for Vail council candidates |

Vail Daily column: Questions for Vail council candidates

The Vail Homeowners Association gives Vail Town Council candidates the opportunity to provide written answers “in their own words” to questions gathered from members of the community. The association’s questions address the candidates’ qualifications as well as their views on issues important to Vail’s voters and property owners. Each candidate’s responses are posted on the association’s website at

Candidate questions:

1. In what neighborhood do you live and how long have you resided in the Vail community? Are you a residential property and/or business owner and do you belong to any community or homeowner organizations? If so, which ones?

2. What are your qualifications and have you served on any committees or boards of the town of Vail or any other municipal or county government? If so, which ones? Are you or have you been a contracted service vendor to the town of Vail? Explain.

3. Are you for or against the development of a commercial event center or similar type of commercial facility at the Vail Golf Course Clubhouse building? Why?

4. Are you for or against maintaining the protective covenants that were established at the beginning of Vail? Why?

5. Were you for or against the Solaris project? Why?

6. What is your vision for the redevelopment of Vail Village, Lionshead and the West Vail Commercial Center?

7. What steps or actions would you propose or favor to reduce pollution levels in Gore Creek that emanate from government owned property like highways, streets, parks, recreation facilities, open space and public parking lots? Should “no mow” zones be required on private property that fronts on Gore Creek and/or its tributaries?

8. What steps or actions would you propose or favor to reduce highway noise from and congestion on Interstate 70 in the short term and the long term?

9. Is the town adequately prepared to respond to natural disasters such as wildfire, landslides and major flooding? If not, how would you improve the community’s alert and response system?

In your opinion, have the business and lifestyle expectations of commercial and residential interests become out of balance? If so, how should they be rebalanced?

What approaches would you suggest that would bring balance in the participation between resident and non-resident property owners in the affairs of the town of Vail?

How would you increase tax receipts with and without hosting more and larger special events?

How would you proceed with removing more on-street loading and delivery traffic now that the loading and delivery terminal system has been completed in Vail Village?

What impacts do you foresee will result from the development of Ever Vail and the summer mountain expansion?

Please rank the following town of Vail issues in priority order: 1 highest, 15 lowest and bold or underline the most important items in each category. Elaborate with commentary, should you desire to do so.

• Incentivize the building of more commercial space, condominiums, hotel rooms, transient employee housing and/or affordable full-time resident housing.

• Increase snow plowing and/or snow removal and/or treatment of urban runoff to reduce stream pollution.

• Increase police presence with more car and/or foot patrols and/or traffic management and/or increased enforcement of nuisance amplified sound and/or late night noise and/or highway noise.

• Increase sidewalks/curbs and gutters, recreational paths, street paving, frontage road parking, building more public parking structures and I-70 sound barriers.

• Expand and/or change shuttle bus service frequency and/or routes serving residential neighborhoods and/or improve public safety in commercial areas.

• Fund more and/or larger special events in summer and winter and/or improve quality of existing events.

• Increase town of Vail tax revenues and/or cut budgets and/or spend cash reserves to fund higher operating and/or capital improvement budgets.

• Emphasize solutions responding to environmental issues, highway noise, Gore Creek pollution, voluntary and/or mandatory trash recycling, charge a fee or ban plastic grocery bags, impose more stringent energy and/or environmental conservation building codes, terminate heating streets and/or driveways, incentivize public and/or private investment in solar and/or wind and/or other alternative energy sources.

• Expand redevelopment through zoning and/or master plan incentives by increasing densities in mixed residential and commercial and/or residential neighborhoods.

• Fund more public art and/or protect more open space and/or parks from excessive use.

• Increase fire department emphasis on reducing wildfire threat and disaster preparedness.

• Leave the community’s emergency helipad, used by the Vail Valley Medical Center, in its present location or move it adjacent to residences in an established residential neighborhood.

• Where would you allow pot shops to be located: Vail Village, Lionshead, West Vail Commercial Center, other specified locations and/or ban altogether?

• Reduce motorized vehicular traffic and public safety conflicts on town streets used for tourism by means of the town of Vail providing alternative points and routes of vehicular access, i.e., roundabouts and underpasses, and/or limiting vehicular access via traffic management methods and/or aggressive enforcement.

• Repeal or modify the town of Vail mandatory affordable housing requirements.

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