Vail Daily column: Reasonable faith |

Vail Daily column: Reasonable faith

Judd Rumley
My View

“(Teaching creation to children is) outright child abuse.” Did I read that right? Evidently, when I teach my children about creation, I am committing child abuse. Responding to this is going to take some time. Vail Daily reader, may I have a few minutes of your precious purposeful, wonderfully designed day? I want to propose that the statement above is poorly worded and logically irresponsible. Put another way, it was unreasonable. And I want to present a small case for reasonable faith. I would ask you, dear reader of the Vail Daily, to indulge with me in a bit of nonsense for a minute. Here it comes. Let the foolishness begin:

I cannot write a word of English. In fact, no sentences are longer than six words. As a bachelor, my father loved his many wives and then he had me. Still my brother is an only child. Is this making any sense? I don’t know if it is, as I have had amnesia for as long as I can remember. Until then, I’ll just write. Understand I am writing this at a place that’s so crowded, nobody goes there. And I’ll just keep writing, awaiting my death. And so you know, always go to others people’s funerals or they will not go to yours.

Let the foolishness end. That paragraph, though syntactically correct, is way off logically. You could call it legitimate nonsense. And that, my friends, is what I have to say about the comments in Tuesday’s article. Teaching your children about creation is not on par with child abuse. It is a reasonable approach to the origin of life.

Be Brave

The article also stated teaching them creation is suppressing critical thought. Really? Implied in the thought was don’t teach creation to children. Teach only evolution. Wouldn’t cultivating critical thinking mean teaching both evolution and creation and then let the children think seriously about the positions? Be brave, my naturalist reasonable friend, be brave.

Wait a second, someone may say, my view of evolution is fact, and yours is faith, Mr. Pastor. Be careful of saying yours is fact and not faith. You were not there at the beginning. You do not know for sure. You have to build a reasonable case. We are all to some degree products of the people who taught us and the books we read. You “believe by faith” in Darwinism. Which I believe is unreasonable.


Why? I could give you quote after quote of Intelligent Design scientists and you would give me quote after quote after quote of evolutionary scientists. But that would get us nowhere real fast. I have my guys; you have yours. So let’s just think about this logically. Option 1: The universe has always been (and if that’s the case, then there’s no need for a creator). This view is debated in science. Certain laws of physics make this seem unreasonable. Option 2: The universe created itself (again, no need for God — it brought itself into existence). This view is defeated by logic. Everything that exists has a cause. Babies have parents. Houses have builders. The universe and humans exist. It couldn’t create itself. Finally, Option 3: The universe was created by someone or something outside of itself, i.e., God. This seems to be the most reasonable. Could it have involved microevolution at certain times and on small levels? Sure. But the cosmological order of the universe demands a designer. Look out your window at the world and you will see there is order and design to most everything. Do you know how many muscles it takes to walk? Google it. And walking serves a purpose. So we could say the powerful creator was an intelligent designer. This is where science fits in. Science seeks to understand the design of the created world.

I do not have the faith to be an atheist or an evolutionist. They are unreasonable. Does that mean I punt science in the name of the Bible? No, I see science proving over and over again an intelligent designer who created the world good and with purpose. And though corrupted, it’s still God’s handiwork and worth understanding, cultivating and redeeming. And that is what I will continue to teach my unabused children.

Judd Rumley is the lead pastor at Eagle Bible Church. He can be reached at

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