Vail Daily column: Segueing with non-sequiturs |

Vail Daily column: Segueing with non-sequiturs

It was 7 a.m., and I was watching our 12-year-old golden out in the yard as I sipped coffee and briefly wondered if he was still breathing. It was then that the hot moisture coming out of his mouth signaled the boy was alive and kicking for another revolution of the planet.

I could see his breath because it was 38 friggin’ degrees outside.

I have the good fortune of joining the KZYR broadcast team for Battle Mountain Husky football games this season, and the previous night we called our first game as the Huskies put a little revenge hurt on the Steamboat Springs Sailors, who had won the previous four straight years.

By the fourth quarter we had to close the window in the booth because of the chill in the air.

Call me a little girl if you’d like, but yep, winter is coming.

Speaking of sports and winter, the Battle Mountain soccer team had their first game of the season Saturday against Vail Mountain School. With both teams being ranked top 10 (BMHS in 4A and VMS in 3A), it was a close battle for young men playing against many of their closest friends, but the Huskies took the Upper Vail Valley title for 2016.

Speaking of close battles, I saw Donald Trump’s plane sadly had a successful landing at the Eagle airport last week.

Don’t get me wrong though, as I certainly do not wish physical harm to anyone not named President Bashar al-Assad, but I do wonder if his plane had a semi-successful landing and the doctors declared Trump to have suffered a degree of brain damage, would we be able to tell the difference the next time he opened his mouth?

Speaking of near misses, Colin Kaepernick, former starting quarterback for the 49ers, decided to “make a difference” by sitting during a song where most others are standing. The song happened to be the national anthem, so the only difference he has made so far is compounding the problems for his teammates and the entire San Francisco organization.

I’ll defend any moron’s right to free speech (even Trump), so although I think actions during the national anthem are in no way, shape or form a valid measurement of patriotism, this bozo needs to focus at the moment on “making the team” before he can make a difference elsewhere.

While candidates like Trump and Hillary Clinton continue with their promises of “a chicken in every pot,” who will be the first Colorado candidate to promise a little pot in every chicken?

Sixteen years, give or take, is how long we’ve been holding block parties at our house up in Homestead each August. That’s half the years my wife and I have been living in Happy Valley. It’s fun to meet new neighbors and actually talk to old ones, and it forces us to clean the garage once a year.

Next Wednesday, Sept. 7, at 7 p.m. I have Vail Mayor Dave Chapin as my guest on the monthly KZYR “Reporters Roundtable.” The table’s not round and I’m sure as hell not a reporter (referring to me as a journalist is an insult to all journalists), but I am looking forward to asking some really hard-hitting questions about Oktoberfest.

Yes, random thoughts from a random mind, but every once in a while it’s OK to release a hodgepodge of opinions instead of focusing on one specific subject.

Not nearly as many readers will be able to feign offense, of course, but I’m sure a few of you will try.

Happy Labor Day to all.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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