Vail Daily column: Spin doctors ruling the airwaves |

Vail Daily column: Spin doctors ruling the airwaves

Why do so many groups waste our time attempting to put positive spins on such negative situations?

I mean, seriously, what is the actual point?

All of the “lipstick on a pig” metaphors mean diddly unless we, as a national consciousness, are willing to understand the truth behind the make-believe curtain of goodness that we all pretend, more often than not, actually exists.

We take yet another mass murder of completely innocent individuals and within seconds are spun conclusions — fact-based or not — as to why and how the murders occurred and who or what is to blame.

Reality plays no role in the immediate assumptions that we all make — myself included — as to which side can make the best of the situation as far as political chits are concerned, because in the long run that is all that really seems to matter; which team can score the most points in the shortest period of time given the current circumstances no matter the manipulation required.

And it is all to prove, in our own minds, that “we” are correct and the others are “wrong.”

But where does it get us each and every time?


Nowhere at all.

Regardless of the spin on who is right, who is wrong, or who is less correct, the end result is always the same.

Nothing ever changes.

And what makes it even worse is how ISIS has now become the boogeyman buzzword for all things evil in the world.

Any suicidal nut intent upon taking others with him (or her, I suppose, but it’s rare) and having the wherewithal to really want to “make his mark” upon leaving this world simply has to shout “Allahu Akbar” or leave a cryptic Facebook post or Tweet implying some sort of connection with ISIS or the Taliban or basically anything Arabic in nature, and then the media, thus the rest of us, will go bonkers overanalyzing the hell out of it.

Sure, all religious fanatics are scary, regardless of which version of which cult they’ve been convinced to blindly follow, and you can blame the gun all you want, but the bottom line will always be the person pulling trigger.

I’m all for making it more difficult for the mentally unstable to access weaponry of any sort, but that will always be little more than a Band-Aid on the much larger wound caused by magical belief systems around the world.

As I read yesterday, blaming all Muslims for terrorists is like blaming all gun owners for murders or all musicians for Kanye West.

And to quote the late Christopher Hitchens, Islamophobia is “a word created by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons.” It helps gun manufacturers sell products, warmongers stay in business and politicians stay in office (although those last two are somewhat redundant).

And these Christian pastors coming out of the homophobic woodwork making claims that the slaughter in Orlando is “good news” because “there’s 50 less pedophiles in the world” are simply another part of the problem.

If either side you’re choosing in these types of situations requires hating the other, then I strongly suggest you seek out a third choice — no spin required.

Otherwise you’re simply one step shy of pulling the trigger yourself.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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