Vail Daily column: Sure, we’re certainly spoiled |

Vail Daily column: Sure, we’re certainly spoiled

Don Rogers
Don Rogers
Laura Mahaffy/ | The Union

Ah, at last. Snow. The world is right after all.

The leaves weren’t turning. We had turned into Coloregon with all that rain. Made us nice and green.

My pasture is so lush I could walk on grass right over the irrigation ditch without my feet getting wet. No lie. A neighbor’s mules are over to take care of this.

We have no right to complain, so I won’t. Not with parts of the Front Range flooded out like that.

We escaped the fires, the floods. We have no ticks or snakes to speak of. Maybe a brown recluse spider or two, but no black widows. The bears and mountain lions behave themselves around here. Of course, the moose are the wildlife to take the most care around, and we do have a few.

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This was our kind of summer. Lots of showers. Lots of green and flowers up high. Lots of visitors and events, too.

The biggest controversy this summer in our valley was two Avon Town Council members who serve the town without living in it any longer. The rest of the council was fine with that. Some neighbors seeing red want to make more of the tempest in a teaspoon — the two work for the same construction company, they engage in construction activity for developers building stuff in town, etc., etc. Not a lot of there … there, though.

No brewing community divisions over Eagle River Station, and as many predicted, no Eagle River Station, either. That’s fine. The developer is smart enough to hold off until there’s really a market, and that may never be.

The developers of the Village at Avon and the town may still be quietly wrangling over legal language, but last year’s war of words is a distant memory. At least for the moment. Ultimately, this comes down to Magnus Lindholm, after all. Sometimes I think he doesn’t win until you know you lost. Which is as good an explanation as any for why almost nuthin’ has gotten built on the land in a dozen years.

Thinking about the school district, county, Forest Service, Vail Resorts, Vail Valley Medical Center, the towns, the chambers — I can’t remember a more peaceful period. I mean, these folks aren’t any fun at all right now!

OK, that was the editor talking there. The publisher has been very pleased. The economy has taken a step forward, judging by the sales tax returns. The real estate economy is shaping up for a stronger future. Look at the drop in foreclosures, developments working through their government approvals, and multiple bids and prices rising in the relatively more modest homes at the western end of the valley.

The only clouds in this sky right now concern a few neighboring property owners and golfers in Vail who would make a Syria out of adjusting the 18th hole to make way for a clubhouse renovation that 80 percent of the town’s voters approved, and some people who knowingly moved next to a ski resort but will fight to the death over an alpine slide that was approved half a dozen years ago.

Big stuff if you are there, but in the grand scheme of even this little valley … ? These ain’t exactly Crossroads level rows.

The world outside has gone to hell, surely. It’s always something, between Obamacare and pick anywhere in the Middle East.

I’m really grateful to live and work here. Call me sheltered, especially now. I’m not going to complain, that’s for sure.

And to cap it off, the peaks turned white this week, the leaves began finally to golden up, and a whiff of that familiar chill in the air has me excited.

All that and a balky knee has been feeling pretty good lately. Maybe that’s really it. Health is everything, as Mom says.

That means I’m going snowboarding this winter for sure. I should feel guilty about this bliss. But it ain’t like I didn’t mean to be here.

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