Vail Daily column: Testosterone not needed/wanted |

Vail Daily column: Testosterone not needed/wanted

Part of me really wishes women would take over ruling the world.

According to my wife it is one of the better parts of me, but she is basing it purely upon gender bias, when in actuality I simply think the world would be a nicer place without all the macho-based nonsense being in charge.

From the GOP’s love affair with Communist Dictator Putin to Southern white supremacists lust for the Confederate flag and the Christian version of ISIS infatuated with killing in order to prove their pro-life agenda, nothing screams machismo manliness louder.

After hundreds of thousands of years we males still solve fire hydrant problems by trying to prove whose hose is bigger.

Yet women can be just as brave and certainly stronger mentally, and they would not waste nearly as much time with this Draconian mindset strategizing to be viewed as the toughest badass on the block, which can be extrapolated to the neighborhood, village, city, region, nation and ultimately the entire planet.

But especially right here in the good ol’ US of A, where every issue, regardless of actual relevance, is immediately politicized as a left (weak) or right (strong) dispute, with extremists on both sides eager to kill the other to prove who is “more correct.”

And 99.99 percent of the killing is done by hideously destructive males, with last Friday’s murderous rampage in Colorado Springs being no exception.

Within minutes of the siege, talking heads and online commenters were obsessed with pointing blame, eager to paint the killer as either a republican or democrat, conservative or liberal, a general racist or just an all-around bigot.

And all of the discussions ended in the same place: whether or not men can deny women ownership over their own bodies.

Yes, instead of the shooting of nine completely innocent individuals — killing three — most everyone insisted on belittling the murderous rampage down to little more than yet another silly debate over abortion.

Oh for god’s sake (pun intended), the female body is not a battleground to debate interpretations of some ancient book of magic spells, but if your particular brand of religion is against abortion, hey, don’t have one.

It’s that simple.

Besides, as the saying goes, if women took up arms to defend their reproductive rights the GOP would ban assault rifles yesterday.

But I digress.

Look, I don’t’ care about the murderer’s politics or which supernatural babble he pretends to believe.

I don’t’ care if he is labeled a Christian fundamentalist republican terrorist picking up a gun for Jesus or just another crazy white guy with a weapon.

I care about American home-grown terrorism fueled by ideological propaganda that has absolutely no regard for human life. Imagine the horrific irony if either of the two innocent people he murdered had been pregnant.

Put simply, if women were in charge this kind of cruelty would not exist. Sure, toilet lids would be locked in the down position and they would be in charge of the key, but those are issues I could deal with.

No testosterone needed.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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