Vail Daily column: The ‘Christmas list’ to clean up Washington |

Vail Daily column: The ‘Christmas list’ to clean up Washington

Dick Gustafson
Valley Voices

Eric Holder, arguably the most corrupt attorney generals our country has ever had, has finally resigned. Judicial Watch believes they were the ones who guided the timing of the resignation, based upon the results favoring Judicial Watch’s Fast and Furious lawsuit, which came down just days before. There may be a more logical explanation. The move may be a purely political house-cleaning to placate Obama’s base in preparation for a potential Republican landslide in the Senate. Holder may feel that he would be one of the first to go anyway, and it would be better for him to go on his own terms.

Evidence of Holder’s racism began when he refused to prosecute the members of the New Black Panther Party’s attempt to disrupt a national election in Philadelphia, in 2008, against the advice of attorneys in his own agency.

A more recent example is when he publicly attacked the officer who shot a black teenager with a prejudged accusation against a man who had not been arrested, officially accused, indicted or tried, and the evidence was still outstanding. This is a second racial bias example.

The legal officers in the Justice Department are, by law, required to be impartial. When the chief legal officer breaks the law, only Congress can prosecute him because his behavior reflects on the ethics of the country’s leadership. What if the leadership is guilty of the same violation? Maybe there are no ethics to protect? Fat chance of getting a congressional indictment against his behavior. Even if both Houses of Congress acted as a whole and unanimously convicted him, it would be impossible because Harry Reid controls the Senate’s agenda, and he would never allow the issue to come to a vote.

Why wasn’t Holder fired? His “friend,” the president, would never fire Holder for any misconduct. Has Obama ever fired anyone for a screw-up? Obama himself, representing the country’s leadership, set the bad example by implying that the only justice, in the Brown case, is when the officer is prosecuted. That is another reason Holder was never fired. Obama made the same mistake. As a matter of fact, the president has put his foot in his mouth on at least three occasions where silence would have been more appropriate. They are: this issue (Holder’s bad example), the Travon Martin case, a third resulting in a beer summit.

The IRS corruption scandal is extremely serious. The IRS has total control over taxpayers, making it the most feared agency in government. When the new Obama care agents are mixed into an already corrupt organization for policing Obamacare, think of the opportunities for more corruption. Obama is oblivious to the facts about IRS corruption or he lied to Bill O’Reilly in a Fox News interview when he said: “There is not one iota of corruption in the IRS.” That was false even before his statement.

Will Lois Lerner or others go to jail? Probably not, regardless of how many laws she broke. Eric Holder had insulated her and himself from having to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Lerner’s activities by conducting his own investigation (with no results). Holder’s investigation of her activities doesn’t pass the smell test against political bias. Is he covering up evidence to protect himself?

At one point, Obama had threatened punishment if there is any IRS corruption. Obama’s follow-ups are ineffective.

For example, in Syria, after the infamous red line was drawn, he again threatened punishment if that line was crossed. When the line was crossed, he backed down, like a social organizer, not a leader. He doesn’t make decisions, but he is not a total loss; he can always be used as a bad example.

Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Harry Reid and Lois Lerner seem to be cut from the same cloth. Whenever caught, they redirect the subject or shift the responsibility to others. Holder will no longer be under congressional sanctions but it remains on his record. As a final “stick it to the public,” he announces a new parting P.C. regulation regarding no profiling at the federal level.

You may have noticed an exception to the unholy alliance listed above. Nancy Pelosi hasn’t offered an intelligent comment over the past several months, so why include an idiot in a list of smart, corrupt officials?

The only solution to this dilemma is to completely revamp the tax codes and eliminate the most corrupt and dangerous government agency of all.

Our “Christmas list” can eliminate the agents hired to police Obamacare, elect a Republican Senate, seal the borders, dismiss Reid, impeach Obama, reverse his violations of Congressional power executive orders, accept Holder’s resignation, reverse his attempts at political correctness and prosecute Lerner. This might help toward budget balancing while regaining some of our lost domestic and international respect.

This entire “list” must now be placed on the front burner. If not, an unprosecuted Obama will stay in office two more years and our “Christmas list” becomes America’s “bucket” list.

Dick Gustafson, of Vail, is a former Eagle County commissioner.

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