Vail Daily column: The right hundred |

Vail Daily column: The right hundred

“It does not take a majority to prevail … but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men” — Samuel Adams.

They are all around us. The men and women slowly changing the way we live typically don’t realize they are doing so. They only know that itch. A hangnail that they just can’t leave alone. A nagging truth. It burns deep in the back of their heads. A waking dream. Smoke rising over and over and over, slowly taking shape.

How do you take an idea from nothing and make it something? Poll everyone? If you survey the ones you know and ask, there’s an overpowering list of answers — the whole spectrum of responses. The information is nearly useless unless you are willing to ask thousands to see the pattern.

But you’ve got a hunch. It’s there in the swirling consciousness of an entire generation. The way the bartender slides the drink toward you across the counter with a half smile. It’s in the slight grimace of the office worker, barely at the corners of their mouths. You can see it as the cook violently throws salt onto the fries he has made a thousand times. There in the eyes, that’s where you find it — a burning ember.

Why leave your dream to chance? You can go out and find the right people. If you move with intention, then you might even be surprised who shows up.

It is the quiet but conscious realization that they are not living as they intended. While some will refrain from the expression and simply say that this is the way it has always been, there are a few that know too well the danger in that lie — myself included.

The revolution will have no name. There will be no fiery protests. No paper signs. Most haven’t even noticed as a few dozen started to quietly speak their minds in coffee shops, on bar stools, over a glass of wine.

The truth of a few dozen quickly takes shape, however, and soon they start finding others.

It has been said that to change the world you don’t need an army. You don’t need overwhelming influence, skill or power.

You just need the right hundred people. That’s it. One hundred. Not an army by any means. Just the right people in the right places. The right experience, the right stories. One hundred to create the kind of quiet movement that burns like a wildfire for an entire generation.

There is no leader. No head. No great mastermind to sit at the helm and dole out orders. There is only us, moving in a subdued unison flight like a storm of swallows. One by one, the right hundred will tell their story, and soon a hundred find a thousand. That’s just the beginning.


What would you create? Who would you attract? Would your well-placed hunch find the right hundred? How would you know once you had found them?

I guess I’m not exactly sure what I’m trying to get you to see. All I know is that your hundred is out there. Instead of waiting for them to come to you, why not simply start having the conversations necessary to find them?

Yes, some will wonder at your straightforward questions and desires, but why wait for luck? Why leave your dream to chance? You can go out and find the right people. If you move with intention, then you might even be surprised who shows up. That is, at least, what I’ve found to be true.

Once you have found them, the journey truly begins. You’ll find yourself anxious with the excitement of each new day. You’ll lose sleep. You’re in uncharted territory now — that place only known to a small percentage of the population. You will know that you are living, not simply breathing. You will taste all things as if they were new again. The colors will come back to every scene.

Until that time comes for you, however, there is work to be done. It might require a bit of discomfort. Growth, some call it. I am no expert on the topic, but from what I can tell, with each step you take in the direction of that hunch you have in your gut, the path starts to reveal itself. There will be signs that say you are on the right track. They’ll show up, your hundred, by God I know they’ll show up — meek but mighty force of nature.

Once you have found them, will you know what to do next? Now is a good time to plan. A flood is coming.

Benjamin A. Gochberg was once a banker. He now lives full time. For business inquiries or commentary, he can be reached at 801-725-7344.

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