Vail Daily column: The true basis for ISIS |

Vail Daily column: The true basis for ISIS

An unbelievable amount of time and energy is wasted attempting to pin blame for the existence of the world’s newest religious group to enthusiastically murder innocent women and children for the glory of one deity or another.

ISIS is simply the latest in a very long line.

“Obama created ISIS!”

No, he did not.

“Bush created ISIS!”

No, he did not.

“Clinton? The other Bush? Reagan? Carter?”

Nope, afraid not, not a chance, get serious.

If you really want to know who created ISIS, all one has to do is look in a mirror.

Every single one of us are responsible for the creation of these barbaric maniacs that have no fear of death (as long as it includes someone else’s). You, me, your spouse, your neighbors, friends, family, acquaintances — all of us.

We have allowed our elected leaders to continue fighting pointless wars, allowed partisan ideologies to trump common sense, allowed current religious ideologies to supersede common decency, and we have done it all under the auspices of trusting those in power to alleviate our collective fears.

It’s our own fault.

But if truth be told, we can take this one step further.

Since the first primates capable of self-awareness looked up to the moon, the sun and the stars and felt confused, they, and all of their brethren following, created stories to explain that which they could not understand.

Those stories evolved to answer other questions, like the seasons, the weather, the damaged caused by the weather, bad crops, good crops, tragic deaths and the resulting other untold hardships they found themselves enduring.

The stories became their foundations, and those foundations became their fears, and those fears became their gods. And the gods became their purpose.

Please the gods and perhaps, just perhaps, the hardships would be a little less unbearable. Anger the gods and the hardships would surely multiply.

And yes, this same foundation of fear sprouted the seed of all religious thought, of which bore the fruit of every deity ever concocted so far in the minds of man.

There will certainly be more.

Fear manifests itself in very peculiar ways, and we, as a nation, have allowed fear to control our lives. We have handed over the car keys of responsibility to our 16-year-old elected leaders and allowed them to drive us wherever they wish, using their own supernatural belief systems as the fuel.

They use these systems as tools to control the masses — us — and we should be ashamed. These fears will only continue to fester and grow until the point we finally — as a species — come to grips with reality, and face those fears accepting we are the only catalyst for change.

So while the solutions are glaringly self-evident, we have no one to blame for the existence of groups like ISIS and whatever comes next, but ourselves.

The sooner we accept it the better, for only then can we begin to move forward without all these silly blame battles.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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