Vail Daily column: There’s no place left to park |

Vail Daily column: There’s no place left to park

Greg Ziccardi
Valley Voices
Greg Ziccardi

Parking in this town has gotten to a point where it needs to be addressed. A little bit of world peace is at risk.

The construction guys park where the skiers can for free, which leaves nowhere for the skiers to park. Those guys have an advantage because they need to be here at 8 for work. The skiers don’t have to be here until the snow softens up and there are no spots left at 11.

Workers at resorts who are fortunate enough to have parking at their place of employment are badgered continuously by their friends.

“Hey, dude, is it OK if my friend’s cousin parks at your place for a week? He’ll sleep in his car and promises not to bother anybody. He’s outdoors, you know?”

My problem revolves around a second car I purchased. It’s a ’92 Saab convertible and you would be hard pressed to find a ding in a door. Perfect condition but nowhere to park it. There’s no parking for a second car at the condo complex. There’s no parking on the street. There’s no parking at City Market or Safeway, and even Jesus says, “Uh, uh — not in the church lot.”

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What’s a boy to do?

I call a friend who has a second home in a private neighborhood. He’s only up here every other week and I explain.

“I don’t need a garage. I just want to park my classic in your driveway for a few months. You mind, Kevin?”

I even told him I would shovel his walk before the family shows up.

“You don’t have to do anything. No problem. Park it as long as you need,” he told me.

What a sweetheart. Perfect. No underground posts to worry about, no side-by-side parking for inevitable dings and no traffic. The classic (which some day will be given to an unborn grandchild) is safe.

Three months gone by and he calls me the other night for a little chit chat. “Yeah, the snow was good. You watching the basketball? We ate at Juniper. The job’s OK and I backed into your car. Not bad. Just let me know.”

Just let me know? Just let me know? I felt naked in that dream everyone always talks about but never has. I processed what he said but could not think what I wanted to say back.

“OK, no big deal. Say hi to your wife.”

No big deal? No big deal? What the hell. I drive the next day to see my baby in his driveway and observe it’s not a nick. It’s a compound fracture and the poor thing needs a specialist. It is a big deal and it’s going to cost somebody.

The dilemma is now my problem. I decide to be selfish, smart and calculating before I speak to my dear friend again. Everything has value in this equation and it must be applied accordingly and most points win. Loser has to eat it and pay.

First I put a value of damage (on a scale of 1 to 10) at 8 points. I did shovel the walk several times and that’s worth 6 points. I bought him breakfast last month and that’s 4 points. I introduced him to his wife 20 years ago and that’s worth 9 points. Total for me is 23 points.

Kevin has the damage at 2 points. He told me not to worry about shoveling so that’s 1 point, he bought me dinner three weeks ago and that was worth 7 points and he believes the intro to his wife is 4 points. Total for him is 14 points.

He has the ace in the hole, though, and parking in this valley is worth 10 points. Damn.

I have a slightly damaged classic for sale if you have a place to park it.

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