Vail Daily column: Throw a blanket on it? |

Vail Daily column: Throw a blanket on it?

Greg Ziccardi
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Greg Ziccardi

Sometimes in our complicated world, we need to balance emotions with common sense.

Seems to me, it isn’t always equitable that everyone should be positioned with everyone else with regard to certain laws and/or regulations put forth by those charged with such tasks. Then again, sometimes it makes perfect sense to “blanket” everyone whether you agree with a policy or not.

For instance, texting and driving is a bad thing and it being illegal is a good thing (throw a blanket on it, we’re all included). Think about it, most of us are not capable of that type of multi-tasking anyway. I know people that can’t chew gum let alone chew gum, operate an automobile and find the proper emoticon that’s appropriate for a text message. Even though I consider myself perfectly capable of such challenging tasks, I will abide by this law for all our sakes.

Another example of acceptable behavior is “You are required by law to show an ID when you vote.” I can’t think of a reason why you shouldn’t have to. End of paragraph and throw a blanket on it.

Now, this is where it gets sketchy and not all of us may agree.

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One scenario tells me you live in a neighborhood that is under construction five years after you’ve moved in. The birds chirp and the leaves rustle in calm breezes on any weekday afternoon. Unfortunately, these are not the sounds you hear. Your brain only filters the annoying, incredibly audible, beep-beep sound of a tractor or truck backing up on the construction site.

If someone knows the reason that every vehicle that is painted yellow or green and weighs over 100,000 pounds has a beep-beep device as mandatory equipment, then please explain to me when this evolved and why. Also, would it be lawful to de-activate the beep-beep if no other human life is within two miles of the potential monster? Consider this: A tractor doing 5 mph backwards would take almost 30 minutes to run me over. If I can’t get out of the way in that amount of time, then I want an honorable mention at the Darwin Awards.

Another day-to-day nuisance that rustles my feathers (and maybe not yours) is the undeniable fact that we still go to an airport and are chosen to be naked contestants on the TSA Network. I get angry and it certainly falls under the category of “I’m not one of those people.” I will continue my fight to not be classified as a terrorist and more importantly, I will fight for the baby in a stroller who never had a thought about a bomb in a diaper. I will fight undeniably to trust the people that look like they can be trusted just so we can move a little faster through the maze.

How about this one? It has nothing to do with laws or regulations that are in place but maybe it’s time to consider an act of Congress so this will never happen to you.

A person watches one grocery item after another being scanned and pays perfect attention to the register. After 13 minutes of scanning in the 10 items or less line the young lady who is working the register politely says “That will be $78.50”.

I’m in line and behind the person that is my “alleged” waste of my time. Holding my melting Heath Klondike Bars and a tomato, I am obviously witness to the final exchange.

She agrees to the $78.50 and then starts to dig for her checkbook in a purse that looks like carry-on luggage and she asks me, “Do you have a pen I could borrow?”

I’m confounded she would not be more embarrassed at her own behavior but I manage a response and say, “Is it a surprise that you have to pay for this?” There should be a law against that kind of behavior in a public place. But there isn’t.

In closing; life doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated, but every day it seems to be more surprising.

I’m probably the biggest headache walking to some, but I also know there are those that truly get in my way.

Consequently, and at the end of the day, I abide by the laws I usually don’t agree with and wonder why the others don’t go along with the ones I like.

Isn’t this a great country?

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