Vail Daily column: Time for a name change |

Vail Daily column: Time for a name change

There is nothing “grand” about the once proud political party that used to stand for limited government, low taxes and a strong military.

They have now been reduced to a leader who trashes his own tax plan, calls for single-payer health care and raising the minimum wage, promotes himself through an imaginary publicist, admits to it and then denies it, repeatedly makes completely absurd and impossible promises, doubles-down on racist comments and insults of all colors, refuses to release tax returns although he condemned others for the same act and boasts about his family jewels.

And that’s just the short list.

The long list of Donald Trump’s narcissistic ramblings and actions continues ad nauseam, but suffice it to say it all comes down to bigotry and the former GOP’s obsession with anyone different from them, hence they should from this point forward be referred to as the BOP — Bigoted Old Party.

So let’s face reality, shall we?

Trump will be the BOP nominee and Hillary Clinton the nominee for the other party of raving lunatics.

Clinton will not be indicted for anything, much less Benghazi or her silly emails, and especially nothing to do with Vince Foster or a DNA-enhanced blue dress.

Sanders is a wet pipe dream for first time voters, and chances are strong at least half of them will cast a vote for Hillary, not because they are suddenly for her, but as a protest vote against Trump.

And while the name-calling buffoon (see what I did there…) exposes the bigotry that we are constantly being told does not exist, the BOP doesn’t have a chance this fall if they stick with Trump.

This honeymoon will be over before the wedding bells play.

The man told the NRA crowd that Clinton will abolish the Second Amendment, and his supporters fall for it.

He poses with a taco bowl to prove he loves Hispanics, and supporters eat it up.

He promises to change laws to make it easier to sue journalists who write “negative” articles, and his freedom-loving supporters think it’s patriotic.

He promises to build a wall, deport “millions of Mexicans” using federal troops, ban all Muslims, and then promptly backtracks on all three, yet all his little Trumpettes keep marching to the same bigoted tunes.

His laughable attempt at providing a foreign policy speech was totally devoid of any substance whatsoever, full of inane comments like, “ISIS will be gone if I am elected president, and they will be gone quickly.”

Yes, the man will snap his fingers and a 1,400-year-old ideology will simply disappear.

Even Dick Cheney is for Trump, which for those with heartbeats should be more than enough reason to ignore the new and improved BOP.

But the media will never ignore it or its new fascist fanatic leader, as the entertainment value, while extremely profitable, is priceless.

And his xenophobic supporters could care less about the old GOP, as “bigotry” outsells “grand” every time.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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