Vail Daily column: Tossing a few thanks here and there |

Vail Daily column: Tossing a few thanks here and there

Richard Carnes
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Richard Carnes

Welcome, well-intentioned friends and acquaintances of all races, creeds and political parties to my 14th annual turkey column, dedicated to that special time of year where each of us has the opportunity to give thanks for “stuff” that did or did not happen during our most recent trip around the sun. Not to be confused with hypocritical annual resolutions made under manipulative emotions brought about by legal drugs, booze or dogmatic guilt, these are reflections to be looked upon with pride or penitence, satisfaction or sorrow.

The choice is yours.

The longer I live here, raising my family, trying to be a good husband and father, observing and commenting upon the vast changes as they occur from week to week, the more reasons I personally find to be thankful. However, if this is indeed a week to give thanks, then who are we thanking, and for what are we thanking them?

For me, this annual week of Thanksgiving has evolved over the decades into a simple celebration of family, and little more. There’s really no one to actually thank except for those around us that we love and care about and are lucky enough to visit during the week, and in many cases just on Thursday. Most of these things I’m thankful for year-round, so this week is actually nothing unusual.

So without wasting any more words (it’s been quite a mouthful already), and in no particular order — I, Richard Carnes, of Happy Valley, am thankful:

• For at least a little bit of snow to start the season.

• For a new six-person Chair 4, allowing for even larger clusterfudges around noon each day at PHQ.

• The Slifers, Donovans, Laziers, Gorsuches and the few other families that are still around after more than 50 years.

• When Vail had a mayor named Rob Ford, he may have been called a lot of things, but “obese alcoholic cokehead” was not one of them.

• For living in a community that will never forget the likes of Tom Ehrenberg (worked with him in the mid-’80s), Janice Cerra (worked next to her in the late ’80s), Allen Christensen (worked with him in the ’90s), Steve Walker (he yelled at me once about something I wrote), and Zeke Pierce, quite simply a nice young man who left us far too early.

• That Alberto Vilar is still a jailed convicted felon (and hopefully will lose his appeal) and that VPAC will continue to be referred to as the Vail Performing Arts Center at Beaver Creek.

• For not belonging, or following blindly, any political party.

• The religious right is not in control of anything, anywhere.

• For being pro-reality as opposed to anti-religious (there is a difference).

• Most school children in Happy Valley are being taught science in a science class to expand their knowledge, as opposed to “evidence optional” make-believe nonsense that breeds nothing but ignorance and hate.

• No Broncos have complained of being bullied or having their 350-pound feelings hurt (but after Sunday, their pride stings a bit).

• Lindsey Vonn is “OK,” but Mikaela Shiffrin is just getting started kicking some tail.

• Even the people I infuriate evidently continue to read what I have to say and send me all types of interesting and entertaining emails.

So, thankful or not, I hope each of you have a great Thanksgiving and the rest of 2013, but understand this: Christmas is a mere four weeks away, leaving only 28 more shopping days.

What are you waiting for?

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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