Vail Daily column: Trying to understand real reasons |

Vail Daily column: Trying to understand real reasons

Are you one of those who is convinced Donald Trump is a thin-skinned whiny little kitten in an empty suit, or are you one of the type who believes he is the savior of our country?

How about Hillary Clinton?

Are you one of those who is convinced she is a shill for corporate interests in an empty pantsuit, or are you one of the type who believes she is the savior of our country?

Based upon emails and messages I have received these last few months it is truly hard to decipher how, or perhaps why, some people think one way or the other.

When I make fun of Trump I am immediately accused of being a Clinton fan, or at the very least accused of voting for Obama.

When I make fun on Clinton I am immediately accused of being a Trump fan, or at the very least accused of being a Mexican-hating narcissist.

News flash!

This ain’t about me, although I must admit the nastier emails are highly entertaining (my friends love reading them, too).

Therefore, I propose we run a purely unscientific survey to answer one simple little question: “Why do you support Trump” or “Why do you support Clinton?”

There is only one rule: Mentioning the opponent as a reason for supporting your candidate is not a valid answer and will not count in the survey.

Simply saying “anyone but Trump” is not an effective use of basic human intellect, hence not a usable reason for supporting Clinton. I want to know what it is about Clinton, whether it be her policies, history, gender or whatever, that is causing you to lean in her direction this November.

Same for “anyone but Clinton.” Such statements carry no weight and thus have no value. If you’re a Trump fan, tell me why, and please attempt to be as specific as possible, citing policies instead of hyperbolic claims.

I also suggest that certain individuals please work on developing a proper understanding of fascism. It’s really not that difficult of a concept.

There are two ways to provide your highly anticipated answers.

One, for those reading this column online, is to simply click on the “comment” button and share your thoughts. Yes, you must have a Facebook account, and I realize there are those of you who refuse to join Facebook because it’s a part of “social media,” and of course you stay away from anything containing the word “social,” so for those please send your fascinating responses in an email to my address provided at the bottom of this column.

I will provide the captivating results in a column in the near future. This is not a joke, by the way, as I truly wish to understand the reasoning behind our mind-numbingly poor political choices.

Oh, and the same rules will apply for those insisting upon telling me why they are for Bernie Sanders as well, but barring some unexpected delegate miracle today in California, I don’t expect any relevant responses.

Like I always say about prognostications though, I could be wrong, but don’t think so this time around.

Either way, happy writing.

Richard Carnes of Edwards writes weekly. He can be reached at

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