Vail Daily column: Unresolved issues for candidates |

Vail Daily column: Unresolved issues for candidates

Amid the pomp and circumstance of pre-election puffery, many questions have yet to be answered by any of the candidates, all speaking to government, and the size thereof. Often we hear comments, primarily from the GOP, about “big” government, and the examples of mismanagement, willingly broadcast from Fox News.

There has been an ongoing dispute about the very role of government, S.T. Karnick of Outlook magazine says: “The question is whether government should be about mandating the distribution of resources to the public, or creating a framework in which people are free to go about their business without coercion by others.”

DEA: Drunken parties appear to be prevalent in Washington D.C., culminating in forceable drive-throughs at the White House. Where is the fun-factor here?

Secret Service nightmare in Bogota: For Democrats, just as history dictates, there appears to be a predilection toward misconduct with women, whether it be John Edwards, Anthony Weiner, Gary Hart, Bill Clinton or Mark Sanford.

The drones on the White House lawn, and security breaches therein, haven’t helped the agency’s reputation either, despite the appointment of a new Secret Service director.

IRS: Civil service is an honorable pursuit. It shouldn’t, though, allow criminals like Lois Lerner to be held responsible to targeting conservative groups to then be moved laterally to a less-sensitive job in the administration. To then have the Justice Department mandate that there will not be criminal pursuit of this obvious politically driven assault on the GOP insults most bi-partisan-folks’ intelligence.

Social Security online breaches plague the IRS. Many of my friends have had their IDs stolen; and tax returns filed in their name. The IRS has no sympathy for this, mandating that errant return amounts be returned back to them, with interest. Investigations have revealed that IRS computers are still using 10-year-old browser technology amid claims that the White House denies them funding to upgrade. (Any excuse for not calling Lifelock, either?)

Lavish parties are not beyond the realm of possibilities for the IRS based on the videos taken in Las Vegas, financed by the increasingly agitated taxpayer. Bonuses paid to the most aggravating miscreants poured gasoline on the fire of public discontent, forcing review of a corrupt, mismanaged bureaucracy.

EPA: Look no further than Colorado to reveal Incompetency — note the capital “I”. Effluent from old gold and silver mines was allowed to leach into rivers near Durango; clearly the fault of incompetent EPA employees. Further study confirms this abomination, yet no word about employee accountability (i.e. dismissals).

HHS: Health and Human Services scarcely redeemed their moniker with the Ebola crisis. Obama spent billions in Africa in Liberia, home of the relocated 1892 slave population (a plan devised by Lincoln as a repatriation measure; it failed, by the way). Tents and medical triages were supplied but unused as the local infrastructure was inadequate to manage the transport and logistics. The White House was advised about this, but chose to continue, anyway, in pursuit of political points with blacks and international sympathizers.

Department of Justice: See “Fast and Furious” casualty ex-Attorney General Eric Holder.

Will candidates address these issues should one be elected? The promise to do something about problems isn’t enough anymore. Each debate participant gets enough time to elucidate on one problem … please. Explain how and where will the money come from? (Please, Bernie, not the rich, again?) Who among the middle crony tier will be appointed as the czar of DEA, IRS, HHS, and all the other three-letter words, and what, if anything, will they bring to the party? (Not in Las Vegas, though.)

Karnick says, “What the public has been clamoring for in the past two elections is a government that protects them from evils, but doesn’t attempt to run everybody’s lives, one that isn’t so eager to take money from a diminishing number of people, and ‘spread it around’ to others.” And until such a government is in place, further political, social and fiscal turmoil seems inevitable.

Ronald Reagan also once said, famously:

“Big government doesn’t solve problems, it subsidizes them.”

Food for thought.

Pat Mitchell lives in Edwards.

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