Vail Daily column: We can’t afford Hillary |

Vail Daily column: We can’t afford Hillary

An article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal by Douglas E. Schoen, once a political adviser and pollster for President Bill Clinton, explained at length how Hillary Clinton might not end up as the Democratic nominee for president. What he didn’t say, and should have, was that she should not be elected president under any circumstances. We simply cannot afford for her to be the one taking the oath of office next January. Let me explain.

You are probably expecting me to bang on here about how flawed a candidate Clinton is based on her history of extremely poor decision making and numerous scandals, and then go on about how her negatives are as high as Donald Trump’s. I don’t need to go there because there are numerous op-eds out there doing just that, serving as prime red meat for her many detractors, who would seemingly even vote for Trump rather than see her in the White House. Then there is the ongoing FBI investigation. You can get all the background on that from what has been written by the State Department inspector general, a President Barack Obama appointee. It has been reported on at length in the media and there are any number of pundits out there discussing the subject.

What I want to focus on is not the past, but what could happen going forward if, as seems likely, Clinton does not emerge unscathed and is eventually indicted.

If the indictment happens before the Democratic Convention then, as Douglas Schoen says, the Democratic nominee will almost certainly be someone else. If it happens after the nomination but before the election, then Hillary will be a flawed candidate and that could result in the unthinkable — President Trump. If it happens after Clinton is elected president, then we presumably either have her resigning before taking the oath of office, giving us Hillary’s veep as the new POTUS, or we have a “lame duck from Day 1” Hillary with her hand on the Bible.

Apart from Clinton not being nominated, none of the scenarios I have painted so far are at all encouraging. Could it get worse? Imagine if, as she presumably hopes, Clinton takes over from Obama without being indicted. That could be a nightmare for America, particularly if the GOP controlled the Senate and the House. We would be in for four long years of hearings and impeachment proceedings, and we would have a president who would be willing to do pretty much anything to avoid the consequences of her past actions and who would not have her eye on the ball.

For those of you who see a Democrat controlled House and Senate as the answer, think again. If that happened, and Hillary was shielded, then I think it could signal the end of all belief in our system of government. Government of the people, by the people, for the people would have perished and who we get next time might make even Trump look rather good.

Clinton has known all along what she has done, what she is responsible for and what is the likely outcome. That she has been willing to keep going, deceiving the American people and all her loyal supporters, in full knowledge of all this tells us all we need to know about her character. For all of you who, like me, believe we are due a female president, I say the first needs to be inspiring and visionary, not flawed. We simply cannot afford “Hillary for America.”

Nick Fickling lives in Edwards.

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