Vail Daily column: ‘We’ have ridiculous priorities |

Vail Daily column: ‘We’ have ridiculous priorities

Richard Carnes
My View

With the natural disaster deaths in Nepal and the race-tinged deaths in Baltimore and other depressed minority areas, it amazes me that apparently the biggest issue facing our nation, as far as elected officials are concerned, is still gay friggin’ marriage.

To quote John Oliver, “Why is this still a thing?”

Oh yeah, that’s right, because a book of 66 tales written by at least 40 different authors in at least 3 different languages over the last 1,600 years that has been translated, rewritten and edited hundreds of times declares, at least in certain versions, that homosexuality is a big no-no.

Couldn’t people just come out and admit that they think it’s gross and that’s what really bothers them?

Barely 50 years ago, many opposed interracial marriage as well because it offended their “deeply held religious beliefs,” yet it took a court’s ruling (Loving v. Virginia) in 1967 to put such self-righteous nonsense to rest.

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Yet here we are, once again pretending “traditional marriage” is somehow an exclusive right endowed only upon members of the far right religious fascists of America, whose collective heads will explode if the Supreme Court of the United States rules properly next month.

Marriage has been around thousands of years longer than any supernatural belief system, and up until a few hundred years ago was viewed as a strategic alliance between families; a way to keep families, and thus property, tied together. Wives were considered property themselves, with simple economics playing as big a role as procreation.

And speaking of breeding as a tenet of tradition, just last week a British couple tied the knot are to become the oldest ever newlyweds, with a groom at 103 and his bride a young 91.

Should we not allow their love to exist either?

So it’s about time gay people are given the same rights as the rest of us, for their marriage does not in any way, shape or form stop anyone else from marrying or living their life however they see fit.

And for those insisting upon their version of a holy book as the basis for their ugly hate, please note the same book also forbids divorce, trimmed beards, tattoos, praying in public, rebellious kids (a death sentence offense, no less), eating shrimp or bacon (which go together wonderfully), blending fabrics for clothing and working on Sundays (all found in Leviticus).

To continue, divorced people can’t remarry (Mark 10:8-11), rapists can marry their victims (Deuteronomy 22:28-29), siblings can marry (Genesis 20:12) and polygamy is just hunky dory (1 Kings 11:3).

So much for that tattoo of Jesus eating bacon while praying at the mall.

The homo haters will say each and every line above is either taken out of context, or I’m quoting the wrong “version,” or that my interpretation is simply wrong.

Pretty much like I say they are about gay marriage and homosexuals in general.

Here in the real world we have much larger issues to deal with, and the sooner we put this nonsense behind us the sooner we can turn our collective attention where it’s actually needed.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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