Vail Daily column: Why I’m running |

Vail Daily column: Why I’m running

Kerry Donovan
Valley Voices

We are at a crossroads in Colorado. Our state is making critical decisions about the futures of our energy production, how well we fund the schools our kids go to and what kind of culture we build for our businesses and families. I am running to be your state senator because I believe that what ties us together are Western values, and with your help, I will take that spirit of hard work and sharing ideas to the state Capitol.

I intend to earn your vote by earning your trust that I will be a hard-working public servant who represents the values of our region. Senate District 5 is a fantastic piece of Colorado country, and it deserves representation that brings all stakeholders on every side of an issue to the table when an important vote comes up.

I’ve been fortunate to discuss how important water is to our region’s economy with many of you. Being a rancher who runs a small property, I understand how critical fair water policy is to families all around our district. I believe in keeping water in the basin where it is born, and as your voice in the state Senate, will defend that principle.

As an educator, I’ve witnessed the enormous challenges facing our children and teachers in the classroom and will strive to find balanced solutions that fit the needs of all of our schools and students in the state Senate. I’m pleased that our state has committed $100 million toward our colleges, giving more people access to the American dream. We must keep that momentum going by continuing to implement tested solutions and look for fresh solutions to the greatest challenges our schools face.

My time as a town councilwoman has taught me how important listening to every voice is to being a good representative. Successful governance demands constituent involvement and your ideas and participation are essential to me no matter your party affiliation and no matter where you live.

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We should do more as a state to help Coloradans earn and keep good paying jobs; we should do more as a state to help young people and struggling families find affordable housing; we should do more as a state to bridge traditional energy resources with the renewable resources of the future, and we should and can do all of this as Democrats, Republicans and everything in between.

I want to work for you. We are at a critical crossroads in determining the future of our state and your trust and support is valuable to me. I know that we are better when we face our challenges together, and I ask for your support by voting for me this November.

State Senate District 5 candidate Kerry Donovan is a Vail native and former Town Council member.

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