Vail Daily column: Worthless leaders in Washington |

Vail Daily column: Worthless leaders in Washington

Dick Gustafson
Valley Voices

There is so much negative going on in Washington, D.C., it is difficult to determine which mismanagement event(s) to highlight. The whole government is so screwed up the founding fathers must be spinning in their graves. George himself must be considering coming back from the grave to request his name be removed from the city.

The president can’t be bothered. He’s too busy cracking jokes for giggling Democrats who still believe him, or he’s playing golf. Harry Reid hasn’t done anything since he became the leader of the Senate, as long as you don’t include making up falsehoods about Republicans, that is. Not one important House bill has been voted on by the Senate this term. The Senate leader is worthless.

The House is not much better. They can’t decide how to punish our Constitution-busting president. Should they sue him or impeach him? Harry would never let a Senate vote on an impeachment bill, anyway. At least he can’t block a lawsuit.

The electorate is so disinterested or uninformed that they will probably continue to support the prefabricating responsibility dodger in the White House rather than listen to anyone else. That might require exercising a brain cell or two. “Don’t confuse me with facts; my mind is already made up.”

Enough bloviating — let’s get down to the facts anyway:

• The president is responsible for the influx of illegal children into the U.S. He expected this influx two years ago when he extended the invitation of sanctuary, with a no return policy, to Middle America. It’s his answer to Congress for defeating the “Dream Act.” His indifference to the problem is suspect. (It is difficult to understand how the Mexican president isn’t a co-conspirator in this disaster. How else can so many illegals pass through his country uncontested?) Maybe it’s just Obama’s way of squeezing money out of the House to further extend the country’s debt.

• Who is responsible for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi: Hillary or Barack? Where and when does that buck stop?

• We have a decorated Marine in prison in Mexico, ignored by the president, yet Obama helped a probable deserter to go free (with back pay, you can bet), while giving up five dangerous terrorists in the trade.

• Obama has violated the Constitution with his executive “decrees” regarding the changes to the Obamacare law. Only Congress can make laws. Presidents can’t make laws, buy they must enforce them. So says the Constitution, if anyone cares.

• Now we know how Ms. Lerner, of the IRS, really feels about Republicans (since some of her emails suddenly reappeared). It would be no surprise if she turned against the person who directed her to hold up tea party applications rather than go to jail. She has no scruples. Could this be a White House scandal, too?

• The problems within the Veterans Administration have been known since Obama took office. He was told by members of the Bush staff. He did nothing. Maybe he discovered it on TV, too. Maybe he’ll blame Bush for his own inaction.

• Maybe Obama should send John Kerry to Hamas again to negotiate the eighth cease fire, reluctantly acceptable by Israel. Hamas would break it anyway. When can Israel set terms? Is Israel a U.S. ally or not?

• How many more mismanagement issues are still out there waiting to be discovered? Who knows? Maybe Attorney General Eric Holder knows. He’s too busy conducting a self-serving IRS investigation so he can avoid appointing an independent special prosecutor to examine Lois Lerner’s participation in the IRS scandal and just who directed her actions. What is Holder afraid of? Like Obama, Holder will duck responsibility. He must find somebody else to blame.

Dick Gustafson is a former Eagle County commissioner.

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