Vail Daily column: Xenophobia reaches a new low |

Vail Daily column: Xenophobia reaches a new low

After all this time, I finally get it.

Yes, I am accused of being slow every so often, but I swear to Allah this time I understand what’s going on right alongside our plethora of Happy Valley intellectuals.

Donald Trump has no desire, and never did, to be president of the United States.

As many have pointed out, first the New York billionaire was a staunch Republican with Daddy’s money, then a pro-choice Democrat proud of his liberal roots, and now a fire-breathing, anti-immigration populist conservative that pretends to read scripture every morning.

The reality is the man is nothing more than wealthy white trash, and pretending to like, much less respect, the tea party queen, Sarah Palin, is all the proof I need.

A large bank balance has no bearing on moral superiority, intelligence or ability to lead, but it does provide an egocentric foundation from which to spew vitriolic catch phrases to inflame the ignorant masses and entertain the rest of us.

And that’s not all of course, as the devil in the details this time around is a painfully obvious strategy to return his pals, the Clintons, to the White House.

Sarah Palin — bless her opportunist heart — did her very best to ensure the end of Trump’s campaign by endorsing him, and although it will take a few more months for it to come to an actual end, John McCain’s gift to the American people that keeps on giving will go down in history as the dumbest person ever to be given a voice in American politics.

Like Trump, Palin needs no help making a fool of herself, and last week’s incoherent ramblings left me waiting for her to shout, “Live, from New York!”

But the joke is on the GOP, as they are now scrambling to come to grips with the staggering realization that they are viewed nationwide as racist, gun-toting, fear mongering gay haters hell-bent on creating their version of a theocracy.

At some point they are bound to realize evangelicals have as much weight in this election (and future elections) as figgle skiers do in Vail Resorts marketing plans.

And then there’s Ted Cruz, but I digress.

Trump is the new soul of the GOP, and although he is part of the much-maligned 1 percent, tea party members occupy the 1 percent on the opposite end of the spectrum, and are absolutely clueless their new leader is leading them straight to another Clinton-occupation of the White House.

I guarantee Trump is laughing behind closed doors at the absurdity of it all (Sarah Palin, of course, is left standing outside in the hallway deciding which newspapers to pretend to read), while at the same time planning his own personal long-term strategy of milking his newfound popularity (new at this level) for future TV shows that will allow his ego to be fed and fulfilled for decades to come.

And poor little Palin will ride yet another popularity train all the way to the end of the line without a single clue that she is a single red chip on a checkerboard where the rest of the world is playing chess.

And thanks to Trump, the Clintons will be the king and queen.

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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