Vail Daily column: Yet another fictitious far-right fear |

Vail Daily column: Yet another fictitious far-right fear

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory, along with a handful of other state’s elected officials and legislators, are once again displaying their evangelical ignorance by opening a Pandora’s box of anti-LGBT laws.

History shows us that using their deity as an excuse did not stop slavery from being overturned.

Using their deity as an excuse for not granting equal rights to women did not work either.

Same for interracial marriage, segregation, sex education, AIDS education, gay marriage, political nominees and anything else having to do with anyone, in any way shape or form, different from them.

So now they created a brand new level of fear to tremble their sheep: Which public restroom should transgender people use.

Well, shut the front door Francis, but I guarantee this will backfire too.

What is this never-ending obsession with sex for the far right? And if there were such a thing as some magical being that creates everything, then didn’t it create “everything?”

Anyhoo, perverts and pedophiles don’t belong anywhere, much less public restrooms, but both have been using them alongside the rest of us since the first tree was used to squat behind for “personal bidness.”

Besides, have you ever thought which public restroom a transgender used was an issue before these bozos made it a national discussion?

Me neither.

And here’s the real kicker on the issue: There is zero statistical evidence linking transgender people with pedophilia or any particular type of perversion.

The two are simply not related.

A transgender person is a product of nature, just like the rest of us, as the universe allows the possibility, however rare, of being born with female genitalia but male chromosomes, and vice versa.

But no, these fanatics shout, “How dare you put on a wig and walk into the ladies’ room to molest children.”

Yes, be a man, take off the wig, and molest little boys in the men’s room like you always have.

But I digress.

Have you ever sat or swam in a busy public pool? People pee in that puppy all day long, yet I’ve never once heard a complaint about whether or not the person doing the peeing identifies as a male, female or gender neutral.

Just the fact that they’re peeing in the pool obliterates my concern over their personal gender association.

We have plenty of real issues to be debating and dealing with at the moment, and don’t need to be wasting time and resources to placate the irrational fears of the ignorant. Laws already exist protecting people from criminal conduct in public restrooms, and the last thing we need are “gender police” and Bible-thumping hypocrites stomping through Target yelling about Satan or some other fictitious nonsense.

And besides, sorry to break it to Gov. Pat McCrory, but “Pat” is clearly a gender neutral name, so the real question is: Which public restroom does he use?

Richard Carnes, of Edwards, writes weekly. He can be reached at

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