Vail Daily editorial: A bit of good news |

Vail Daily editorial: A bit of good news

the Vail Daily Editorial Board

Given the state of the world right now, we could all use a bit of good news, and there’s some wonderful news right here in our little valley.

The folks backing the Castle Peak Senior Care Community a few days ago announced they’d hit their fundraising goal of $4.4 million. That helps clear the way for construction to start this year on a senior care facility in Eagle, near Brush Creek Elementary School.

The local organizers partnered with Augustana Care, a Minnesota-based organization that owns and manages 23 other senior-care facilities. The locals are contributing seed money. Eagle County contributed the most crucial element — land.

The result will be a 64-bed skilled nursing and assisted living facility. That’s important for a number of reasons. The most important, though, is the fact that longtime residents from all over the county will be able to stay in the valley, close to the lives they’ve known for so many years.

That option isn’t available right now. Older residents who can no longer live in their homes have to go outside the valley for a nursing-home or assisted-living care. That isn’t good for anyone, from the seniors themselves to the friends and family members who make up their support systems.

Younger valley residents with aging parents or relatives will soon be able to bring those people here.

That’s all first-rate good news. But the fact the center hit its goal says a lot about the place we live.

Finding donors for the 2015 Alpine World Ski Championships was hard work and reflects a great effort by the Vail Valley Foundation and its supporters. But big-time ski racing is the kind of flashy event that draws attention a bit more naturally.

Raising money for something the valley needs, that provides little in the way of international attention or economic activity, is something a little different.

In this case, people who wrote checks understood the valley’s need for services that few outside the area will know about.

This effort has also taken a long, long time. People — Dr. Tom Steinberg, in particular — have been talking about the need for local senior care for 30 years or more. There aren’t enough kudos for those people.

It’s easy to focus on all the venality, stupidity and evil in the world. So let’s take a few minutes today to take a deep breath and revel in some good news. And if you happen to see any of the Castle Peak committee members any time soon, then give them a hearty thank you.

To learn more about this effort or to make a contribution, visit, call 970-445-8990 or slip a check in the mail to Castle Peak Senior Care Community, P.O. Box 2127, Edwards, CO 81632.

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