Vail Daily editorial: Here comes summer |

Vail Daily editorial: Here comes summer

the Vail Daily Editorial Board

Mud season. Value season. Duck season. Wabbit season. Spring. Whatever we want to call the interregnum between winter and summer, it’s about gone now.

Thanks to Memorial Day being as early as it can be this year, we’re about to hit the widely acknowledged start of summer, and that brings with it warmer weather (we hope) and our plethora of festivals, markets, music and other events. It all starts this weekend.

In Vail, we have the second iteration of Feast Vail, a foodie festival that can, if needed, put people under cover if the weather turns. While the GoPro Mountain Games has become a popular event, Vail has still long sought a Memorial Day event on which to hang its broad-brimmed, sunburn-deflecting hat. We’re told an event takes three years or so to become truly established, so the jury is still out on Feast Vail. We’ll see what this second year brings, in terms of both day-tripping and overnight visitors.

In Beaver Creek, what was once a beer festival attended mostly by locals has turned into Blues Brews & BBQ, an event that for some time has outshined the big-brother resort to the east. This year’s version of the festival features a few new tricks — including guests’ ability to wander from the beer-tasting area to the plaza while still holding on to their drinks.

Either event should be a lot of fun, especially if the current forecast for a slight chance of showers and highs close to 60 holds up.

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Whatever the weather, though, we hope Beaver Creek continues its success and Feast Vail establishes itself. Both can serve as a gateway to a season with no dispute about the name — summer. That’s the reason most of us stayed here, right?

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