Vail Daily editorial: It’s deep-breath time |

Vail Daily editorial: It’s deep-breath time

the Vail Daily Editorial Board

With the holidays over, our little valley can enjoy a few well-earned deep breaths for the next several weeks.

“Normal” isn’t the right word to use here, because the holiday and spring-break crowds are normal, too. Perhaps the more precise way to put it is that the valley is in the first of its two natural winter conditions — busy and really, really busy.

Whatever you want to call the next few weeks, they offer a time for locals to take a few moments for themselves. If there’s fresh snow on a weekday, many of us will be able to get up on the hill for a run or two. Front-line employees may even enjoy a weekend day off from time to time.

This isn’t to say there isn’t plenty of work to do. There is, of course — we’d be in trouble otherwise. Still, with the exception of the Martin Luther King holiday, Jan. 16-18, the valley won’t hit its really, really busy stage again until mid-February (unless we have a big-powder weekend, of course).

Looking toward the wider world (albeit reluctantly), we also need to be sure to enjoy the few weeks before party activists begin voting in state primaries and caucuses.

If you think the never-ending news cycle is manic now, just wait until people start reacting to all the blather they’re hearing by actually casting ballots to reflect their preferences for the next president.

Add to that 2016’s ever-increasing volume of congressional, senate and state legislative and gubernatorial races, and the noise — already at busy-nightclub levels — will rise to a rocket-on-a-launchpad din before we know it.


So please, get on the hill or out into the backcountry while you can. There’s a lot of craziness coming at us at a rapid pace. Every chance for a deep breath today will help maintain your sanity later.

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