Vail Daily editorial: Merry Christmas |

Vail Daily editorial: Merry Christmas

the Vail Daily Editorial Board

Whether you say “merry Christmas,” “happy holidays” or some other phrase, the period around the winter solstice has been significant for just about as long as humans have been aware of their surroundings.

The previous season is fully past. The gradually dwindling daylight has turned to gradually brighter days and the promise of the next warm season to come. That’s a big deal.

Early Christians meshed the ancient solstice holiday with the birth of their savior to lend significance to that story as they were spreading their gospels into pagan lands. Add several centuries of tradition, 150 years or so of commercialization and we have the holiday we celebrate this week.

No matter your faith, the spirit of Christmas is admirable. It’s hard to argue with the angels’ message to the shepherds of “peace on earth, good will toward men.”

It’s also easy this year to look at our valley with a good bit of joy and good will. The early snow is as abundant as it’s been in years, reservation books are filling and an improving — if still sluggish — national economy has Vail’s guests coming for what promises to be a remarkable holiday season.

For those of us who get to live here, our corner of the world is a pretty good place, too — thousands of people will join us here over the holiday season, and they’re more than welcome.

Yes, many of us are going to be working like crazy over the next 10 days or so. There will be time for a few deep breaths in a couple of weeks.

Looking at the news, we can also cherish the fact that our part of the planet is remarkably safe, and, of course, eye-poppingly beautiful. We have neighbors in need, of course, and yes, it’s expensive to live in the Vail Valley.

Still, we get to live here! We have the privilege of sharing our home valley with people from around the world this time of year. Yes, it’s crowded in the stores and parking can be hard to come by. But let’s be patient with each other, friends. This is a wonderful time — may we all have some time to enjoy it.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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