Vail Daily editorial: Sheriff, candidates need to talk |

Vail Daily editorial: Sheriff, candidates need to talk

Vail Daily Editorial Board

There’s a new sheriff in town — or at least there will be, and soon.

Voters this fall will pick Eagle County’s first new sheriff in 12 years, choosing one of two newcomers, either Democrat Daric Harvey or Republican James van Beek. The winner will replace incumbent Joe Hoy, who lost to van Beek in last week’s Republican primary.

Most years, the transition between old and new would be fairly unremarkable. The new person on the job would bring some different ideas, and there might be some personnel moves, but that’s about it.

This transition is a bit different. Either van Beek or Harvey will take the oath of office just more than a month before the 2015 World Alpine Ski Championships. That’s a big event and might just be the biggest security project this valley has ever seen.

We’d expect the new sheriff to immerse himself fully in the details of the security plan about 12 seconds after a winner is announced in the Nov. 4 election. Even then, though, there will be just more than three months before thousands of athletes, coaches, sponsors and spectators descend on the valley. We’d hope the security plan would be more or less fully in place by then.

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That’s why we’d encourage van Beek, Harvey and Hoy — or one of his representatives — to start talking now about the final form of the security plan for the championships.

We’re sure van Beek and Harvey could each provide valuable input during the final months of the process. Plus, everyone involved would know what either of the possible new bosses wants to see as plans become action. And given that both candidates have experience in this valley and beyond, both candidates might be able to provide insights that may not have occurred to people already eyeball-deep in the project.

This may be happening right now. If it is, we commend all involved. But talking, and talking as much as possible as soon as possible, seems prudent in light of the job coming in February of next year.

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