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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

MISS: From a reader to “the town of Minturn’s mayor several weeks ago proclaimed in an Vail Daily article that the town would save a $100,000 a year with the new law enforcement contract with the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office. Great! However, it is very apparent that this agreement did not include speed limit enforcement — the “Leadville 500” continues to thrive. Where is Chief Martinez when he is needed?”

MISS: From a reader to architect Brian Judge “becoming indignant while addressing $2 million overage in budget for the Avon stage and threatening to add more fees if he has to defend himself. How was he chosen and why is this the first we’ve heard of this outrageous overrun? Someone must be held accountable.”

HIT: To the Eagle County Economic Council’s latest annual workforce report that shows business owners are much more optimistic about the business climate than at any time since the Great Recession struck. There’s a long ways to go yet before reaching the heights of the boom, but most see better times.

MISS: To condo and homeowners out to make a killing by charging high prices during the upcoming 2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships. For one, it’s not going to happen as a practical matter, and this is a bit off track from the spirit of welcoming the world of skiing enthusiasts to the valley.

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HIT: To the Forest Service approving some selected logging of the trees killed en masse by the pine beetle. This is a win-win operation that will harvest wood for biomass and wood products while reducing a rather heavy load of fuel for future wildfires.

HIT: To Laura Chiappetta’s book of historical photographs showing the story of Beaver Creek.

HIT: To the Farmers’ Almanac prediction of a snowy winter here this coming ski season. Not that they know more than a woolly caterpillar about these things, but hey, we’re with ’em.

HIT: To the 20th year of the Eagle River Cleanup. Like the annual Interstate 70 cleanup in spring, this is a great way to do some good for our community and see a lot of neighbors. The Eagle River Watershed Council organizes the cleanup along with its other activities devoted to enhancing the quality of the river and tributaries.

HIT: To Vail Resorts buying the base area and lifts and such at Park City Mountain Resort to end a stand-off that had the Park City community pretty nervous about the up-coming ski season. The operator of the mountain, Powdr, which also runs nearby Copper Mountain, compounded a disastrous lapse in missing a deadline to renew its lease to the ski terrain with all kinds of litigation and silly threats to stymie Vail Resorts from being able to operate the mountain. It would have been better for everyone if Powdr’s leaders had figured out the obvious a little sooner, but they did the right thing in the end. Now let’s see if Vail Resorts can afford the high price it paid for the opportunity.

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