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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

HIT: To Mikaela Shiffrin remarkably setting the American lifetime record for World Cup slalom victories while still a teenager. Goodness. She has a whole career to go. Look out, world.

HIT: To our favorite Vail pioneers, Vi and Byron Brown, honored as Vail Ski & Snowboard Club hall of famers. These two are hall of famers for life in general for all their care and attention to our community for generations.

HIT: To, speaking of favorites, local Olympian Sarah Schleper, whose enduring zest for competition has her competing for Mexico for one last taste of the Alpine World Ski Championships on her home snow. For pluck, longevity and leading the way for the skiers who followed, you can’t beat her.

HIT: To Mother Nature. Old-timers have to reach back to 1982-83 to remember snow as good as now, though not better.

MISS: To a survey of neighbors around the proposed Simba Run underpass about their interest in a noise barrier. Not the concept of a survey to help guide decision-making, but the notion that the town of Vail gets two “votes” for each unit of the new Timber Ridge under construction. How exactly would that be a fair assessment of the neighborhood’s wishes?

MISS: To North Korea, the bellicose country that can’t launch a rocket properly but can intimidate major international corporations, like Sony. Who knew they even had computers, never mind the ability to hack into whole systems? The land of the empty threats has won influence over the empty suits.

HIT: To the experiment providing bus service between Glenwood, Eagle and Vail to Denver and back once a day. Nice idea. We’ll see if it catches on enough to endure.

HIT: To the Colorado Department of Transportation stepping way up to improve difficult driving in the winter between the mountains and Front Range. The state department that locals loved most to curse are winning unsolicited praise this winter.

HIT: To quick work cleaning up that rock slide on U.S. Highway 24 near Red Cliff, speaking of good work on the roads.

HIT: To givers, donators, volunteers and such who make this valley so much better.

HIT: To bold initiative and those who understand or at least go by the Pliny proverb. This was the attitude that built Vail in the first place.

HIT: To the new year, full of snow and promise.

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