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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

the Vail Daily Editorial Board

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

HIT: From reader Lenny Bloom “to the town of Vail street sweepers for getting the shoulders of the local roads cleared and swept of gravel and debris. As a road cyclist, I thank you.”

MISS: To bureaucratic, legislative over complication of a straightforward bill requiring motorists venturing into the mountains on I-70 in the winter to take the simplest of measures to make sure they have enough traction for the frequently slippery roadway. This just shouldn’t be this convoluted a means of keeping the highway just that less snarled up and more dangerous. Should there be a “tire police”? Um, yeah. The stupidity of some drivers costs the rest — along with the state — plenty. Can’t be that difficult to make sure you have proper tire tread or be able to put a sock on it. Come on, state Senate. Get a grip.

HIT: To Aldo Radamus, steady, progressive and highly successful executive director of Ski & Snowboard Club Vail these past 13 years. You have time to say thank you, as the recent announcement of his departure came a year ahead of when he plans to leave at the end of next ski season, in 2016. Talk about giving ample notice.

MISS: To tax day, which reminds us nothing is less fun than filling out our tax forms, thinking about our “friend” government with its octopi of hands in our pockets than perhaps a funeral. Fitting to wear black in either case.

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HIT: To a Goldilocks limit on assessment tests of our kids at school. Having no basis to track how students are progressing renders education to essentially babysitting, but over-testing is at least as ridiculous. There has to be a sweet spot in which a minimum of effective testing sizes up and holds educators accountable short of Tourette syndrome of different tests, which of course will only squeeze out actual learning — or any enthusiasm for it.

HIT: To Trail Jam 2015 in Eagle on Saturday, showcasing the town’s myriad of trails and a bunch of other activities awaiting with beer and grub at The Dusty Boot.

HIT: To what, even more summer events in the valley? Sure. Why not. Summer has a long, long ways to reach winter’s epic proportions.

HIT: To memoir author and Vail Daily columnist Claire Noble’s sensible suggestion this week to have agencies independent of police departments investigate incidents of police gone (allegedly) bad — especially in shootings. She mentioned Wisconsin going a remarkable 129 years with no police officer being held accountable for an unjustified shooting. That’s the state’s entire history since police and fire departments were formed there. Colorado will go a mere two decades between police shootings in which the officer stood trial. This summer, an officer who apparently shot an “attacker” in the back will end the streak. The standard is department’s investigating their own.

HIT: To a Colorado Associated Press bulletin about news stories in progress: “Colorado’s governor has signed into law a bill to shield yoga training programs from state regulation — and yogis in Colorado are celebrating with mass poses.” If the governor had refused, the yogis would do what, protest with mass poses?

HIT: To Walking Mountains and the Vail Recreation District teaming up to lead half- and all-day hikes in the backcountry. Great scenery, workout and chance to learn new things, too. Visit for more information and to register.

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