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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

the Vail Daily Editorial Board

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

HIT: To news more people flew into the Eagle County Regional Airport this winter than last.

HIT: To ski season ending with a powder day, what else? Bands, pond skimming and nice snow up high capped off a great season.

MISS: To the Avon Town Council missing the whole reason they need to improve their ethics code in the wake of a perception that members of previous councils found service on the body a very good, ahem, business decision, however coincidentally. Council members looking at each other and assuring themselves that their actions are A OK is a proven failure simply by precedent. The council needs stronger medicine.

HIT: To continuing signs of a recovering real estate market with increases in dollar volume and transactions through March in the latest reports. There’s a cost, of course, in real estate prices rising fast with value. Great if you own property and are thinking about selling. Maybe not so much if looking for deals or the savings account isn’t quite deep enough.

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HIT: To a name change from Adam’s Rib to Frost Creek, from second-class reference to ahem, women, at least to geographic location. Maybe the venture itself enjoys more success, too.

HIT: To residents and restaurants turning more and more to home grown produce.

MISS: To springtime tragedy on the roads, particularly Interstate 70, for young people in the bloom of adolescence. Sad to count death so soon — in this season as well as life — recently as I-70 claimed another kid.

HIT: To optimism, as columnist Judson Haims pointed out this week. Yes, our natural set points vary along a scale. But the research shows longevity with each bit you can push up the scale in how we decide to look at events and issues in our lives. Not to mention living a little more happily in the meantime. Count your blessings, in other words. We each have plenty.

HIT: To the economic trends favoring summer in the mountains this year.

MISS: To the lady who stole money from the kids for Project Graduation last year, and apparently some of her employers over the years, and telling the judge it was inconvenient for her to start her (pretty light) jail sentence on a Friday and couldn’t she just come in the following Monday? Somehow we get the sense this lady really doesn’t get it.

HIT: To the annual I-70 cleanup, now providing a bit less tonnage of stuff to pick up since beginning 15 years ago.

MISS: Specifically from folks who clean up certain spots — truck stops — to way too many truck drivers who leave bottles full of something that ain’t Gatorade.

HIT: To offseason group business that takes the edge off the gap between ski season and summer.

MISS: To another killer earthquake and horrendous avalanches on the other side of the world, which of course strikes home here since there always seems to be Eagle County residents out there, climbing or trekking. All seem to be OK, though, a bit of relief to go with sadness for those not so lucky this time.

HIT: To local Colorado Ski Hall of Fame inductees Ceil Folz, president of the Vail Valley Foundation, and Dr. Jack Eck, saver of lives.

HIT: To Baltimore residents cleaning up after their ridiculous neighbors who took reasonable protest to riot, thereby ruining all of the message intended.

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