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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

the Vail Daily Editorial Board

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

HIT: From reader Pat Hammon to the lilacs in Eagle this year. “I cannot recall them ever being so full and colorful. If you have a moment, then take a lilac tour through old town Eagle and you will be blessed with some awesome sights. Yeah, spring and rainfall!”

HIT: Also from Hammon to “the work that the citizens of Red Cliff and specifically Bob Wills have done up in the old cemetery. The cleanup has been amazing and was a wonderful sight for those of us who placed flags for Memorial Day and for all those who visited. It is a wonderful historical site and has had some bad weather and beetle-kill mishaps. A heartfelt thanks to all who have worked on it.”

HIT: To commercial occupancy rates increasing, particularly in the upvalley. This is one more sign of the real estate market’s general recovery, along with increases in building permits and yes, prices.

HIT: To Jess Wilmers, Kevin Stephens, Jeff Oefelein and all the others who go out of their way to make visits to the valley not just pleasurable but restore people’s faith in humanity.

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HIT: To RiverFest, the Eagle River Watershed Council’s fundraiser scheduled for June 13. Naturally, the event includes river rafting — along with dinner and band at the Wolcott Yacht Club. Visit or call 970-827-5406 for more information and to reserve tickets.

HIT: To authenticity. But a MISS is you have to gin it up to be “authentic.” Then you are just faking it.

HIT: To Ceil Folz, head of the Vail Valley Foundation, accepting the Bud and Mary Little Award from the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association for the foundation’s work putting together the 2015 FIS Alpine World Championships.

MISS: To neighbors and friends dying before their time, and suddenly.

MISS: To obsessing about Millennials as if they were aliens suddenly landing from Mars. Like every batch of youngsters before them, they are more comfortable with the latest technology, seek adventure as well as lower prices, and want to save the world. Just like Gen X, Boomers, the Greatest and what came before and what will come next.

HIT: To Vail Police Chief Dwight Henninger earning an award from his professional peers for his and his department’s fine work collaborating with many agencies to ensure a safe FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in February.

HIT: OK, to Bruce, er, Caitlyn Jenner having the courage at age 65 to put her body where her true feelings are. And providing more buzz for the Kardashians while she’s at it.

HIT: To the GoPro Mountain Games, which certainly have grown into themselves.

MISS: To Moses Gonzales, a Vail police officer with a special gift and heart for community initiatives, retiring on us. No, no, don’t go. Who will fill those large shoes?

HIT: To Eagle Valley Library District’s Books in Bloom last Saturday afternoon. If you love books, then this is a great annual experience with authors and the stories behind their stories.

MISS: To the sage grouse rebellion in which politicians who would wipe out the bird in favor of yet more land available for gas and oil drilling try to put preservation decisions in the hands of states instead of the federal government. The issue is bigger than Colorado or Utah or Wyoming. Leaving it to narrow-minded interests in the short term would be a rather large mistake. America no longer is lacking for places to drill. The specter of lost jobs to preserve habitat pretty much is baloney, too.

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