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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

MISS: From a reader to “Jack Van Ens with his column on voter ID requirements. Low-cost or free photo ID cards are available to qualified citizens most everywhere.”

HIT: From reader Carol Johnson “to the town of Avon for creating a fun swimming area on Nottingham Lake. It’s free, has convenient parking and provides hours of entertainment for kids.”

MISS: To news the U.S. Forest Service now spends more than 50 percent of its budget on fighting wildfires for the first time in its 110-year history. This reflects historic underfunding of the agency at least as much as recognition that fires are hard — and expensive — to put out. It’s also evidence that the Forest Service over time is less able to manage land in ways to prevent or lessen the destructiveness of fires on national forests.

HIT: To the Avon Town Council tightening its ethics standards. It may not be enough for some purists, of course, but the ethics code there goes further than most municipalities. This is a positive consequence of some decisions and behaviors that, while condoned and cloaked in rules, just weren’t passing the smell test.

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MISS: To the strange and tragic death of Scott Ward in his prime. The elite pilot was killed by a stray part falling off a semi while he was driving behind the truck to his job as a test pilot, leaving a still-young family. The Vail Valley native was one of those gifted souls who proved you can go anywhere from here.

HIT: To Gypsum Elementary School, whose principal (Mitch Forsberg) and staff take many extra steps as described in a column this week by Superintendent Jason Glass.

HIT: To the new school year, which started this week for Eagle County Schools. Of note is the enrollment has crested 7,000 kids for the first time. There’s one more sign a little mountain community is growing up.

HIT: To the memory of Marine Evenor Herrara, a Gypsum resident who died in combat 10 years ago in Iraq.

HIT: To cleanup efforts around the Eagle Mine keeping the orange out the Eagle River since 1990. The Animas River bore a reminder as a 3 million gallon slug of similarly colorful pollution recently escaped a mine near Silverton. The leaders of Silverton might as well have run the town in “Jaws” for their refusal to declare the mine a Superfund site. Our leaders, fortunately, have taken a much more responsible stance.

HIT: To being able to gauge the length of chairlift lines with your smart phone though Vail Resorts’ EpicMix app.

HIT: To off-leash dog parks in Gypsum, Avon and Vail — so long as the canines that use them are brought by responsible humans.

HIT: To the Annual Eagle Valley Community Fund Auction & Rummage Sale open again this weekend at Minturn’s Maloit Park. This is the 51st year of the fundraiser and institution.

HIT: To Vi and Byron Brown, who have led the Rummage Sale since 1968. Wow. They have watched a lot of kids grow up and community service groups blossom in part from their stewardship.

HIT: To anything Gypsum does to beautify a great community that doesn’t necessarily look the part, at least to visitors.

MISS: To any ranking of most scenic and best climate counties in the United States that ranks Ventura County, California, No. 1. Um, no. Doesn’t pass the sight test, never mind the smell one.

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