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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

MISS: From reader Prentice O’Leary to the Vail Daily: “I think Hits and Misses got it wrong about the GoPro Mountain Enduro. In this era when elected officials do not keep promises, we should celebrate those who do — like the Avon Town Council. They made the right decision for the land, the flora and fauna and for the broader community, while keeping promises made last year.”

HIT: From reader Nancy Nottingham, who wished to submit a “wonderful, wonderful Hit” for Eagle County Paramedic Services and the local medical personnel who volunteered at the free senior health fair in Edwards recently.

HIT: To wise words from “Climbing to Success” columnist Michael Norton, who urges readers in his latest column to declare each morning: “I’m ready for the best day ever!” Sure beats “Can this get any worse?”

MISS: To Planned Parenthood chief Cecile Richards trying to recast the outcry in the wake of secretly taped videos dealing with discussion of fetal tissue as primarily a ruse to falsely accuse the government-funded organization of selling the tissue. There is that, of course, but the outcry mostly comes from disgust with the callous nature of the discussion.

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MISS: Also, of course, to the politicians doing what politicians at their worst do in the subsequent dust-up over Planned Parenthood, which does not get government funding for abortion services.

HIT: To Sen. Ted Cruz’s bid to rename the street in front of China’s Washington, D.C., embassy after Liu Xiaobo, a Nobel Prize-winning dissident and prisoner in China for promoting political freedom and justice. The U.S. in a more stand-up time named the street in front of the Soviet Union’s embassy Andrei Sakarov Plaza shortly after President Reagan opened arms control discussions with the Soviets, successfully. This time the Senate quailed at the thought of offending important leaders, while the White House shooed human rights protesters out of sight of Chinese President Xi Jinping when he came to visit.

MISS: To VW and their rather greasy bit of PR after getting caught having installed pure fakery into certain diesel engines designed specifically to cheat on government emissions tests. For the past seven years and how many more if they got away with cheating their customers and the public? Oh, but you can trust us going forward, they say with sincere-like seriousness.

HIT: To rivalries in sports. Dodgers-Giants, Ravens-Steelers, Celtics-Lakers, CU-CSU and everything between Eagle Valley and Battle Mountain. As long as they stay friendly and remain on the field, that is.

MISS: To unanticipated construction cost increases and fresh fundraising campaigns, especially with the work already started at the Castle Peak Senior Care Center in Eagle.

HIT: To ski Hall of Famers Jack Eck, Ceil Folz, Bud Marolt, Kent Myers and Bob Singley, who were inducted Friday in Vail.

HIT: To the return of commonsense legislation to increase the chances that everyone on the roads to the mountains in snowy weather have tires suitable for the trip. The bill to be introduced next session pretty much is educational, to support regulations with at least in theory more teeth.

HIT: Mostly, to flexibility in the workplace enabled by technology and maybe a little higher thinking about the job to be accomplished rather than conforming to outdated strictures more in line with factories than offices.

HIT: To the Pope. He came to America with some wisdom to make liberals and conservatives wince.

HIT: To Colorado Mountain College growing its enrollment along with its programs, particularly the four-year variety.

MISS: To making up stories about Vail’s moose cow and calves about to be euthanized. Not true. Not remotely true. Though it did enjoy some play on Facebook.

HIT: To a late, great surge of the fall colors for the past couple of weeks, falling away now.

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