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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

HIT: To whatever the place is called — Ale House, Sandbar, whatever came before at the West Vail nightclub, bar and restaurant. The wee hours rock regularly into the wee-er hours with live music. Some of the acts you have heard of. Some you’ll hear of someday. Some will remain obscure, but they still are great. The editor and his wife once enjoyed Timmy Reynolds, lead guitarist for the Dave Matthews Band, play with his own side band well past midnight on a weekday, after another artist, Marcus Eaton, started around 10 p.m. This editor, alas, and his young-forever wife were the only gray-hairs in the audience. Quite unlike a Bravo! Vail concert, which they also enjoy now and again as the youngsters in the crowd. There are other nightclubs in Vail, but this one has the personal bright shining moment, while two overage adolescents fully enjoyed the moment, out too late on a “school night” and feeling delightfully like they were breaking all rules of propriety. We recommend not as a habit, but every now and then. This is a place to break rules of convention and live a little.

HIT: To the Ride in Remembrance, a little more sobering part of life in our community. This ride honors emergency services heroes — in the highest sense of that word — who gave their lives to protect us. Maybe not as fun as a midnight concert in a nightclub, it’s extremely important that we take time to reflect and maybe thank an active member of a police, fire protection, ambulance, mountain rescue, ski patrol and other life-saving agency for their commitment. It means something to them, too, to know you appreciate them.

MISS: To flooding predicted in the latter part of the week, a consequence of a decent snow year and warmer temperatures. Fortunately, this isn’t new in the geologic history of our fair valley and snow runoff flooding generally is pretty minor. We’re fortunate that way compared to other parts of the state.

HIT: To what looks like will be a pretty good rafting season ahead, thanks to that good snow season this year.

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HIT: To employers thinking more about the wellness of their workers and participating in programs aimed at better fitness and eating. Healthy employees tend to be sharper, more energetic and committed employees, too.

HIT: To George McCollum, math teacher for many a local, finishing a career lasting 51 years. Now that’s some staying power. Of course, he’s “retired” before, only to get back to teaching …

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