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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

MISS: From a reader to the town of Avon. “The logo has it right. It looks like a dunce cap.”

HIT: To all the candidates who took on the challenge of running for office — those who won the most votes and those who dodged a bullet.

HIT: To Avon voters approving a sensible plan to sell 3,000 square feet of town land next to the Seasons Building. The sliver is key to renovating quite possibly the ugliest building in the valley.

MISS: To the Avon town leadership looking at ways to purchase the Skier Building using loopholes to avoid the voters. Fine if leaders line up a better price for the building that has sat vacant — and, ahem, unsold — for a dozen years. But they have an obligation to put the plan to the voters, who will approve something sensible.

HIT/MISS? To Eagle-Vail voters finally not passing a ballot measure intended to enhance the neighborhood. Funny, though, that some of the past measures might have been more questionable than this 5A, which the voters rejected. Maybe it was just a case of enough is enough.

HIT: To the recall of three Jefferson County school board members. Not because of their politics — school boards are notoriously political in the diminutive sense. But because it shows voters can take back a body that runs off the tracks of responsibility to its citizenry. It’s a good cautionary lesson for elected officials, who do sometimes get a little too full of themselves.

HIT: To all those letters to the editor in the run-up to the elections.

HIT: To hunting as an economic and wildlife health force here and in the rest of the state.

HIT: To local dentist Dr. Paul Corcoran and staff for hosting free days of dentistry. This is their seventh year of the service.

HIT: To the effort in Eagle to stage the high school mountain bike championships again. Hard to imagine the venue ever moving, they do so well with it.

HIT: To Cathy Alexander and her 25 years of coaching volleyball in Eagle County.

HIT: To ski swaps, exercising to get ready for skiing and 10 inches of the white stuff up high last week.

HIT: To the unveiling of the next step for the Vail Leadership Institute, now the Vail Centre. The Vail Centre will be the umbrella for four connected learning centers in leadership (of course) as well as leadership in entrepreneurship, sustainability and longevity.

HIT: To Bella’s Market in Gypsum selling to a new owner, who at least will have a chance to breathe fresh life into the fading supermarket.

HIT: To Battle Mountain cross-country runner Alexis Aguirre breaking the Battle Mountain school record at the region championships in Delta, which was set by one of his coaches, Jonny Stevens.

HIT: To Ryan and Trista Sutter giving their earnings from “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire” to good causes.

HIT: To the Avon Town Council stepping up big and earmarking an additional $25,000 to help get the Castle Peak Senior Care Community built and serving senior residents of the valley.

HIT: To two Avon Planning Commission members disclosing they both work for the same employer, which the Town Council seeks to end in a new code of ethics.

HIT: To a big Broncos’ win over the Green Bay Packers, an early tilt between titans.

HIT: To Josiah Middaugh winning the first Xterra World Championship of his career.

MISS: To an ungodly amount of paperwork, basically, to clear a mountainside above Vail of dead timber that would be far more damaging if left out there to burn at just the wrong time.

HIT: To Avon building a joint fire and police station on Buck Creek Road, next to the new Centura medical facility under construction now. For the right price, of course. The plan seems to make the most sense of those under consideration, and would need voter approval to get done.

HIT: To Arapahoe Basin and Loveland ski areas kicking off the new ski season. May it be a great one.

HIT: To Lindsey Vonn and her balky ankle being good to go for the World Cup stop in Aspen later this month.

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