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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

HIT: From a reader to the idea of a ski instructors union at Beaver Creek. “They could use a united voice.”

HIT: To a town with Mayor Bone. Congratulations to Dave Chapin, filling some big shoes in Vail.

HIT: To the town of Avon investing millions in trails, including its part of the Eagle Valley Trail.

HIT: To the idea of a town investing in aesthetics like parks and historic downtowns, as a representative of the Sonoran Institute explained at a recent gathering in Eagle. Don’t forget trails. Eagle is blessed with them.

HIT: To the Vail Valley’s Sherpa Foundation, founded by local Pemba Sherpa. He and friends went back to rural Nepal and distributed funds there to help rebuild homes ruined by the big earthquakes.

MISS: To the usual crazies who don’t notice the snow and ice on the roads, including on Interstate 70.

MISS: To the Eagle Town Board firing Town Manager Jon Stavney. It’s every board’s right and responsibility, of course. And there may need to be some cleaning up in Town Hall, but Stavney was not the source of the problem.

HIT: To Minturn making quiche out of … with the recent crowing of their public restrooms as the best in the land. Something for everyone.

HIT: To the Vail Valley Foundation making a prudent choice in Mike Imhof as the foundation’s next president and CEO. He had an “interim” tag until last week.

HIT: To the Eagle Valley High School taking on Shakespeare by cheekily satirizing the master.

HIT: To co-working spaces. The Vail Leadership Institute has one in Avon, above Loaded Joe’s, and now Eagle has one above the Dusty Boot. Both provide inexpensive ways basically to rent a desk.

HIT: To the Vail Performing Arts Academy celebrating its 20th year. Congrats to Annah Scully, Colin Meiring and a whole bunch of kids who benefited along the way.

MISS: To testing and testing and testing again at school to find the same darn thing: Affluent students do well, poor kids don’t and children who didn’t grow up speaking English are going to score lower in, ahem, English language tests. Done, we know. How about more focus on addressing the actual issues vs. spinning out even more tests to tell us what we already know? Seems we are flunking Common Sense 101 here.

HIT: To Midnight Madness. Good idea, Eagle Valley High School basketball program.

MISS: To the loss of State Trooper Jaime Jursevics, who was killed recently by a drunk driver while investigating a crash near Castle Peak. She once was stationed in our area.

MISS: To the whole mess at the biomass plant in Gypsum that somehow was allowed to operate before receiving the proper certification and has sat idle since a fire broke out along the conveyor belt almost a year ago. The only thing moving around the balleyhooed plant this point is a bunch of lawyers.

HIT: To the Avon Town Council not letting itself be stampeded into a decision on whether to join the Eagle River Fire Protection District in building a joint fire-Avon Police headquarters together on the north side of I-70.

HIT: To the new ski season, starting Friday at Vail Mountain.

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