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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

HIT: To the Eagle citizens who filled the Town Hall to overflowing Tuesday in a show of support for Town Manager Jon Stavney.

MISS: To the Eagle Town Board majority that parted ways with Stavney in overly dramatic form considering he did nothing worthy of being fired. Now big-ish projects are at risk, winning election in April is unlikely for the five seats open then and whatever momentum this board thought it was building for the town has effectively stopped. Just dumb, given the options.

HIT: To Town Board members Andy Jessen and Kevin Brubeck standing up for Stavney on Tuesday night in word and vote.

HIT: To Jon Stavney handling the matter with a class we can only wish existed in wider form on the Town Board.

HIT: To Eagle’s next town election in April, when five of the seven seats come open. We’ll see then whether the town’s citizenry sees fit to clean house and get a Town Board that can be trusted to avoid ethical breaches, violations of state law and, well, a measure of common sense. Healing will begin with the end of this group’s reign.

HIT: To Vail Resorts continuing to invest in its mountains, most notably to us, Vail and Beaver Creek. The latest news on this is plans to upgrade the Sun Up Lift in time for next ski season. And we’re still tripping on the magic carpet for the new Avanti.

HIT: To a successful Colorado Gives Day on Tuesday. The event tapped a million dollar matching fund. If you missed it, though, the valley’s community service groups won’t turn your donation down.

HIT: To Bill Jensen taking on Telluride as CEO and a partner in the ski (and golf) resort. Now we understand that wide smile at social events this fall.

HIT: To Lake Lindsey, or how Lake Louise should be renamed with Vonn’s continued dominance there last weekend.

MISS: To flat bookings so far at our lodges, although it has to be noted that’s only a consequence of growth since the recession.

HIT: To Manor Vail celebrating its 50th year. That’s some staying power. Congratulations.

MISS: To skis used for work in the early days. Boo. Only for fun, and only for work if the work is … fun.

HIT: To “The Vail Way,” John Horan-Kates’ latest book and our bold, optimistic, get-‘er-done ways generally. Horan-Kates should know, having worked with the people who made it happen yesterday as well as today.

HIT: To finding sunken treasure, no matter who found it. Even Colombia.

HIT: The the Duchesses of Distance, four friends who skateboarded down the Southern California coast from Santa Barbara to the border with Mexico. They did it to help girls understand they can accomplish big things.

MISS: To government subsidies for fossil fuels. We should be able to agree that propping up dirty energy just isn’t a very good idea. Market forces will be the engine for change to cleaner forms as advances push their prices down. Why muck that up?

MISS: To continually defaulting to gun control as the wave-a-wand cure for mass murder. Things are well in motion before thugs find their guns. Then again, there must be some reason you have six times less of a chance of being killed by a gun in Canada, about four times less in Israel and almost no chance in China. Going to Mexico runs up your risk about four times, and well, in much the Middle East or parts of Africa. Sheer availability does seem to make a difference. Hmm.

HIT: To Mark Zuckerberg, in the throes of new fatherhood, vowing to give almost all of his riches away. We suspect that at his rate of attainment, the 1 percent he keeps will still keep him secure within the 1 percent.

MISS: To cameras for conference calls. Who wants to see you washing the dishes, sweeping the floor, picking your nose while you listen and think those great thoughts?

MISS: To Donald Trump making a presidential campaign out of worst instincts and fears. The irony is this guy isn’t even a conservative.

MISS: To exaggerated fears — and those who would take advantage of those — of Muslims. In America, mass murders committed by alleged Christians far outnumber those by alleged Muslims. Being struck by lightning carries the far greater risk.

MISS: To the prospect of Colorado schools, including those in the Eagle County school district, having to tighten their belts amid a recovering economy after lean, lean years of the Great Recession. The state Constitution is very messed up for this to happen.

HIT: To Terry Minger, Vail’s iconic town manager who long ago almost got fired over something as tiny and dumb as Stavney’s circumstances, earning the Vail Centre’s lifetime achievement Torch Award.

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