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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

MISS: From reader Faye Rozier to “Avon town management for their lack of inspiration and holiday lights. Scrooge must have been present when the lack of planning went into their holiday light display. Exiting Interstate 70 West and negotiating the first roundabout gives visitors their first glimpse of our dark community. Under the overpass and into the second roundabout, one encounters more darkness. The lights cannot be seen when entering Avon — only upon exiting, as the lights are on the two trees one would see as one exits the town. Then a long strip of darkness until one reaches the main roundabout with the ugly Las Vegas-style lights. If our visitors stay long enough to encounter the fourth roundabout, their view is of a pile of unimaginable posts with a few wreaths tucked into the frames. Very boring during the daylight and only mildly interesting after dark. Finally, however, our visitors see what they came for … the lights along the railroad crossing overpass and the lovely lights at the base of Beaver Creek. Why would anyone want to walk these dark streets?”

MISS: To Mikaela’s right knee. She tore the medial collateral ligament Saturday before a giant slalom and will be out for most of the season from here, at best.

HIT: To Lindsey Vonn rocking right out of the gate this season and leading the World Cup circuit in overall points. Last season she was still recovering from her own odyssey with knee injuries.

MISS: To winter lodging numbers looking grim compared to the go-go years out of the recession. Well, it’s not from lack of snow. The strength of the dollar and good conditions this year in places like Lake Tahoe may have something to do with this. We’re (even) more expensive for international visitors, and international destinations are easier on the wallet this year. But let’s not cry too hard. It’s still a great and should continue to be a great winter for Vail and Beaver Creek.

HIT: To Santa (whatever the day job) spreading the Christmas spirit.

MISS: To scoring presidential candidates by the quip. Please.

HIT: To savvy businesses that take on the housing crunch by buying up their own properties for employees to live in, among other means of businesses not waiting (and sometimes whining) for government to solve the problem for them.

HIT: To progress toward a joint fire and police headquarters on Buck Creek Road. The arrangement will be more complicated because this involves the town of Avon’s police department and a separate entity, the Eagle River Fire Protection District. It’s a great idea and needed, though.

HIT: To the Avon Town Council’s commitment to taking the plan for the joint fire and police headquarters to the voters even if legally, they don’t have to.

HIT: To Ski & Snowboard Club Vail aiming to ramp up the snowboard part of the program with new coach Chris Laske.

HIT: To Eagle County carrying a healthy reserve with $23 million. In our historically boom-and-bust economy, this cushion only makes sense.

HIT: To the new weigh station at the Eagle County landfill. Don’t even have to get out of your truck to settle up. Sweet! (Is that a fitting expression for a landfill?)

HIT: To Vail Valley Medical Center, Four Seasons and the town of Vail figuring out how to save 3.7 megawatt-hours of electricity annually.

HIT: To hot chocolate the way The Sebastian does it.

HIT: To Gypsum Creek Golf Course figuring out how to quadruple rounds played there in the five years since the town took over the course.

MISS: To the soaring cost of rent in the valley. But this also feels like opportunity in the air to build.

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