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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

MISS: From a reader to a recent letter writer trashing snowboarders. “As a skier, I ask that you replace ‘snowboarder’ with a few other words: Jew, African American, homosexual, female. These are a few I came up with. Now, please rewrite your letter to the editor with one or all of these words and tell all of us how it sounds. Haven’t we moved on from this?”

HIT: From a reader to the “Vail Police Department: Kudos for using Facebook to share news and valuable safety tips. Also, good news that all Vail police vehicles now carry AEDs. Way to go, Vail Police Department!”

HIT: From a reader to “the synagogue in Vail (B’nai Vail) hiring a full-time cantor for the first time in its 39-year existence.”

MISS: From a reader to “people cruising in the left lane instead of following Colorado law, which is to only use that lane to pass!”

MISS: From a reader to Hits and Misses “for publishing the snide comment ‘(still don’t believe, you nasty Republicans?).’ Great way to offend a large percentage of your readers.” Editor’s note: Alas, the reader did not recognize the item was a spoof on The New York Times and their tacit message in making a global warning story their lead story. Obviously, our sense of humor wasn’t clear enough.

HIT: From reader Marty Lich to news Eagle County Clerk and Recorder Teak Simonton will run for county treasurer. “Delightful to read this: ‘Simonton to run for treasurer.’ I cannot think of a finer example than Teak Simonton with regards to being a ethical public steward and excellent department head. She and now retired Treasurer Karen Sheaffer are lockstep in the public trust arena.”

HIT: From a reader “to the Vail Daily columnists that are great motivational and inspiring reads: Michael Norton, Benjamin Gochberg and Ryan Richards!”

HIT: To the readers who submit HITs or MISSes: the best parts of this column.

HIT: To Eagle’s plans to beautify and improve its riverfront, especially the ugly, ugly dirt parking area for semis at the fairgrounds.

HIT: To what the forecasters declared to be a dry January turning out to be anything but. El Nino has been good to us so far.

HIT: To old friends and new ones, too.

HIT: To new babies in our world.

MISS: To “affordable” or “attainable” housing — call it what you will — becoming more scarce than ever, not only in the Happy Valley but every ski town. Vail Resorts has dedicated $30 million to this. Should it be more? What about all the other businesses talking a big game about the free market and then expecting government to solve this for them?

HIT: To any developers in the Vail Valley, at least, who recognize the opportunity here.

HIT: To snow and more snow. And then some more. Talk about your embarrassments of riches on the hill.

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