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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

the Vail Daily Editorial Board

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

HIT: To the kids at Eagle Bend Apartments who helped clean up around the complex recently. They learned a hands-on lesson about taking care of their own grounds, and had some fun doing it, thanks to prizes from the Youth Foundation.

MISS: To heroin, a scourge that indeed kills and ruins lives it doesn’t end directly.

HIT: To Vail Valley Medical Center dialing in reconstruction plans for its main campus in Vail. Moving the bulk of traffic in and out of the hospital to the frontage road will be a major improvement all the way around, and it only make sense to get those life-saving helicopters landing at the hospital itself to increase the odds of success with severely injured or sick people. The few residential neighbors of the hospital do themselves no favors complaining about the noise, frankly.

MISS: To such a hullabaloo over a publicity stunt featuring a marijuana vending machine at Montana’s restaurant in Avon that didn’t actually have any in it and never was employed. That’s something to sue over? Really? Petty actions do the Hoffmann family no favors, especially when the new owners of much of the core of Avon are doing so many other positive things for the town.

HIT: To Kelly Liken building awareness about healthy cooking and, hey, our great area on “The Talk.”

HIT: To tweaking the high school sports leagues in ways that recognize strengths and weaknesses in prep programs and make the teams more competitive.

MISS: From a reader to “Hoffmann and Company for buying their way into Avon with unlimited deep pockets and proceeding to bully anyone who disagrees with them or gets in the way of their ‘bought and paid for’ town vision.”

MISS: From the same reader to the “Avon Town Council for being bought and paid for and completely spineless in standing up to the iron Hoffmann thumb. It’s all about money.”

MISS: To getting overly excited or discouraged by the emergence of legal retail marijuana shops. The drift to legality of the substance these past years does present lots of interesting challenges for society, employers and the legal system. This is not at all unlike the wake of Prohibition’s end.

HIT: To Vail Valley Partnership chief Chris Romer’s recent challenge in his weekly column to describe what you do in five words or less. Like a haiku, the limitation in words can sharpen your thinking. Try it!

HIT: To the town of Minturn’s decision to contract police services with the Sheriff’s Office. Frankly, this has been an obvious need for years.

HIT: To the option of bicycling to the green. Vail Golf Club broke out this novel mode of play that only makes sense.

HIT: To events that aim to stretch summer into Vail’s short golden season in September. The weather is still pretty good and the area is gorgeous. Why not liven things up, particularly on weekends?

MISS: To the loss of a terrific teacher and coach who seemed born to the role in Garrett LaForce, whose memorial at Eagle Valley High School this week filled the auditorium. His principal remembered him as a “kid magnet” who touched the lives of his students positively. He was taken way too soon at 26 in a crash on a steep mountainside road near Telluride.

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